An Abaya is a long piece of clothing worn by women to cover up the entire body. It is similar to a maxi looking dress, but here the length of the Abaya is supposedly longer, more similar to a gown and has full-length sleeves. Muslim women wear this particular garment all over the world, and there is a specific reason why is that so. The intention is to wear something that does not highlight or signify a woman's body posture (shape). Women also carry a headscarf or hijab along with it, to complete the entire look. Abaya is available at local retail clothing shops, and even on branded outlets whereas, it is also available online in Pakistan in various designs and styles.

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With time and evolution, things have changed and modified, and so has the clothing industry of Pakistan. Previously there was only one Abaya style and one standard Abaya design which was a plain black Abaya, but now there is a huge variety to offer to the customers. A new range of Abaya designs for everyone. Here are some of the following

  • kaftan Abaya
  • denim Abaya
  • butterfly abaya
  • white Abaya

And many more. Due to the rising demand of Abaya; the market for Abaya in Pakistan is growing and progressing rapidly too. Designers are now also launching new Abaya collection every year.

ABAYA 2020

Nowadays, customers like fashion enthusiasts do not really have to rely on designers only for new collection launch but instead can search up for new designs and styles online any time anywhere by themselves without any help from an outside source. It is so because of the readily available Internet.

 Almost every other citizen of Pakistan has access to the Internet and women have learnt really well to utilize this facility productively like by shopping online. Due to the availability of multiple search engines latest Abaya design 2020 or Abaya styles, 2020 is just a click away now.

An individual can also lookup for bestselling shops, for example, the best Abaya shops in Lahore or in Karachi or in any part of the world. The Internet had made so many things so easy. So many home tailors have learnt to stitch an abaya too with the help of the Internet. Abaya in multiple designs and unique styles are now available for different event types either with heavy embroidery or prints.

Abaya 2020 latest collections offered by Pakistani designers are exquisite because of the embellishments done on it. The embroidered bunches and sequins work on Abaya makes it unique. The Abayas' collections 2020 are available in different colours, usually in dark colours, and the local retailers also stitched the Abaya as per customer's choice and preference.


There are different ways to style and carry clothing like Abaya, and it all depends on the individual carrying it. Some women prefer to carry it with a 'niqab' (a piece of cloth wrapped around the face and head to cover it, leaving the eyes are open, often and the eyes are covered too). The concept is similar to a veil as niqab is a face veil. An Abaya is a long gown worn on a dress. 

Not just all, some women prefer to go a further step and cover the hands too with gloves. Females wear an abaya and all the desired clothing (gloves, niqab) when they step out of the homes. The Abaya style with front open style, fully stitched shirt type Abaya style, butterfly style, etc. are the most common ones.


Abaya is worn by Muslim women but not every woman wears it. It is not compulsory, but some countries in the past have declared it to be mandatory. In the same way, Abaya in Pakistan is not mandatory, but it is available in different designs like some Abaya are printed along with pearls and buttons, some are plain or embroidered Abaya are also preferable in Pakistan. Mostly the plain and one coloured Abaya looks good with a combination of printed scarf or hijab.


Hajj is the time of the year when abaya sales are at the peak. It is the foremost important pillar of Islam. So Muslims from all over the world come and unite under one roof and carry out religious obligations. The individuals are asked to cover themselves in pure cloth and perform the duties. The attire for both men and women is different. 

For women who are performing Hajj are obliged to wear to an Ehram (a cloak to cover themselves from head to toe leaving the feet and hands behind), and an abaya is the best option available in the market. So the maximum number of sales are recorded when it's time for Hajj. Women of all ages buy Abaya not because it is mandatory but is comfortable too. 

The cloth out of which the piece is created is very light and let's air pass through it. It is made out of breathable material; hence young girls can even wear it. Earlier young girls were also fond of wearing an abaya too, but that trend too also faded away with time. Females now wrap themselves in a long piece of cloth (a chaddar) instead of wasting hundreds of pennies on a single abaya.


Even though there is a huge market for abaya buyers, but ever since this pandemic happened, the textile industry is disrupted. There are very few sellers and even a few buyers in the market. The market demand for Abaya or clothing is decreasing with an increasing rate with no chances of future growth. People are now restricted to stay back home and are advised only to step out when it is necessary. Civilians are finding it super hard to survive at this time.

Every individual is fighting a continuous fight for survival. So thinking to spend money on dresses and outfits or Abayas is completely unnecessary. Though there are some women who are using Abaya’s niqab as the face mask to protect themselves from the virus; which is a smart alternate considering the fact the price for a single face mask is 150 PKR and that single mask can only be used once. However, this is not a safe alternative, and people must avoid doing so.


The best and the far most common benefit of wearing an abaya amongst women of all generations is to wear whatever individual wishes beneath it and no one will know it. A girl can easily dine in an elite lavishing restaurant while wearing a set of pyjamas, and nobody will have the slightest clue of her dressing. An abaya is a life savior in situations like these.

Another real-life example can be when one cannot find an appropriate dress and got no time left to buy a new one, that's when an abaya comes to rescue. The benefit any Muslim girl has over a non-Muslim girl is that a Muslim girl will always have an abaya in the wardrobe or will at least have a chaddar. Things like these always come in handy when times are running out, and one’s in a rush.

Conclusively an Abaya is hands down an essential for a lazy girl who hates getting ready and does not want to spend a large sum of money on expensive clothing. An abaya is a one-time investment and can be customized as well. Just put on some shiny stones and pearls on it, and it will shine like a star.


With the growing population and trend in Pakistani women for Abayas is increasing, now not only famous designers but local tailors have also mastered in the art of making Abaya.  Women now do not have to run from shop to shop and struggle to find the perfect desirable piece. Finding the most suitable and reasonable article is just a few clicks away. Ladies can now discover thousands of Abaya online and can also order through it.

The advancement in technology has not only made shopping easier for women but has helped us to be more productive and save lots of time. Through this method, women can easily compare different brand's factors like price, quality, and design; all at one place and can finally purchase the final good after complete analysis and assessment.

Though online shopping has made shopping more efficient and effective but has put designers under great threat too, threat to lose its customers. If the process of online shopping continues, then it will be really hard for the brands to own their designs and claim copyrights. The customers can now find the most authentic site or brand for online shopping of Abaya through Fashionista by shoppingum.

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