Casual Dresses

Casual dresses are informal dresses that are comfortable and have a professional glimpse. These are for all either men or women. Usually, the casual dresses designed professionally are allowed to be worn at offices, and people mostly wear it at home. Various designers design these outfits in Pakistan, and divergent collections of casual dresses are available in multiple styles by the designers and brands. These are available at online stores in printed and embellished designs. Fashion women eagerly wait for the seasonal collection of casual dresses to have comfortable clothing as these are available in stitched and unstitched ensembles. Brands like Khaadi, Limelight, Gul Ahmed have a wide variety of casual and formal wear, which every fashion enthusiast of Pakistan loves to wear with pride.

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Summers are the best time to wear casual dresses as the colors are super:

  • Chic
  • Cool, and
  • The fabric is super comfortable to wear as well.

People usually tend to wear cool colors to breeze around near:

  • Beach and
  • Poolside area, in order to have maximum fun in their summers.

This article will talk about the perfect casual dresses for both men and women which are worn not only in summers but throughout the year in Pakistan as well as other countries, so let’s see what’s new in fashion trends of casual dresses 2020!

Casual dresses for girls

Among the trendiest and casual wear dress for girls is there:

  • Basic white tee with
  • Ripped blue jeans and
  • Floral flip flops

The entire attire gives a super comfortable look not only to the audience but to the one who is wearing it as well.

There are a lot of other options in casual dresses for girls in 2020 but among a huge variety available one of the very common and preferable option is:

Pakistani Casual Dresses

As we all know that the national dress of Pakistan is “shalwar kameez”, so every year in Pakistan especially in summers, a huge “lawn war” between various fashion brands starts and the enormous number of men and women tend to rush to their favorite stores just to get their hands on their favorite prints!

What do women prefer?

Women usually prefer light-colored lawn prints which have the shades of:

  • Light blue
  • Lilac
  • Baby pink
  • Peach and
  • Light green, and especially Pakistani casual dresses in white color.

What do men prefer?

Whereas, when it comes to boys they prefer a bit darker shades like:

  • Navy blue
  • Grey
  • Olive green
  • Brown and especially Pakistani casual dress in black colour is absolute favorite among boys!

Casual Summer Dresses

People really like to keep it all simple and stylish when it comes to summer dressing, no matter which country they belong to.

Many foreigners like:

  • Chinese

Usually wear mini-skirts or long skirts with loose fitted shirts just to keep themselves sweat-free in order to roam around in streets and various shopping malls.

Beautiful Summer Tops

White is the color, which absolutely goes with each and everything and is considered to be a perfect color for summers.

It has its own:

  • Grace and
  • Beauty and it can never go out of style!

This season too, Girls are usually seen wearing long white chicken Kari frocks with the floral bandana, getting themselves ready for a perfect casual dress summer photoshoot 2020!

Floral prints - is the new trend!

After white, everything is considered secondary since summers is all about

  • Vibrant colors and
  • Gorgeous floral prints

Excluding floral dresses, your closet is inadequate and we just cannot ignore the fact, that how massive they are trendy this season. To lift the fashion quotient, you have to include a couple or two in the wardrobe. Floral prints are one of the prettiest dress styles that anyone will never fail to admire.

Sunflower and Roses

When we talk about floral prints, these two come in our minds as they are the ones usually printed on many:

  • Chiffon
  • Cotton and
  • Silk shirts

Roses are usually printed on black cloth as it instantly grabs the attention of a fashion designer or a shopaholic, where as

Sunflowers are usually imprinted on silk and chiffon stuff, in order to give that dress a bloomy look overall, especially if it is designed solely as:

  • Frocks or
  • Tunics

Casual Maxi dresses

Maxis are very common in foreign countries, but as much as fashion industry is growing, the trends are also reaching its new height and expanding to various countries.

Same goes for the fashion trend of maxis. In a country like Pakistan, they are usually preferred for:

  • bridal wear

But in daily routine too, many girls like to wear casual maxi dresses.

Casual maxi dresses are very much in style in 2020 and ladies who are soon going to become a mother are usually seen purchasing them through various stores as well as online shopping websites in very affordable prices in Pakistan.

Casual Dresses for Men

Too hot to handle? Say what? – Men or the weather? Of course we are talking about both!

When it comes to dressing and looking good, boys make it sure that they are not left behind. Either it is:

  • Formal wear, or
  • Casual wear

Our gentlemen really do know how to stay up to date!

When it comes to casual dresses for men in Pakistan, the most preferred clothes are the basic:

  • Shalwar Kameez

A lot of boys, belonging to tribal and rural areas, especially Pathan boys, wear it in their homes as they feel super comfortable in it and respect the regular norms of the area. Not only young boys but also their fathers and grandfathers follow the same tradition.

Moving on to the urban areas,

  • T-shirts
  • Shorts or
  • Sweat pants

Is the most casual thing to be worn by boys.

Because sweat pants don’t let you sweat!

It is often asked by boys, that why do they prefer wearing their gym pants or loosely fitted sweat pants over jeans especially in the winter season, and their answer is that, because it looks:

  • Super cool, especially when paired with trainers or runners by Nike
  • They are super comfy
  • They are lightweight and usually, the fabric is made up of Nylon
  • Helps in controlling extra moisture
  • Trending in fashion these days, and
  • A person wearing them does not feel the urge to change clothes again and again until or unless they have to go to a formal dinner or a wedding.

So, what we get to know is that, if sweat pants are paired up with the right thing they can be a perfect dress for casual wear.

Also, people belonging to different age groups are seen wearing their work out wear or warm-up pants all day, especially in these tough times of corona 2020!

Stylish yet Casual dresses in Pakistan

Women in Pakistan are very particular about their casual dressing. Some girls prefer to buy:

  • Ready to wear clothes, and
  • Others get them stitched from a local tailor depending upon their needs and demands.

When we talk about ready to wear casual dresses, there is huge variety of them available in:

  • Local markets
  • Branded stores, as well as
  • Online shopping pages

The latest designs

There are some fashion trends which never fade away and last long till generations! Some of which will be discussed below in this article.

Long shirt and Churri dar Pajama

This look lasted for a couple of years from 2014 to 2017 and is trending back in fashion again in the year 2020. Ladies from all age group have admired this look, as it was helpful in giving them a:

  • Modest
  • Decent
  • Fashionable
  • Sleek, and
  • Complete look overall

Short heighted girls often look pretty tall when they wear such shirts on a daily basis. Many ladies also commented that it helps in covering up most of their body so they prefer to have long shirts with not only pajamas but also with loosely fitted shalwars.

Short Shirt and khuli Shalwar

Among the list of other casual Pakistani dresses,

  • Short lawn and cotton shirts with loose fitted shalwar or trousers

Are the most purchased products. They are perfect for every season throughout the year and suit almost every Asian body type and fits perfectly well to our Pakistani fashion styles.

Foreigners upon visiting Pakistan, also like to follow this fashion trend and match it with:

  • Desi earrings are commonly known as jhumkiyan and
  • Shoes are most commonly known as khussas.

This kind of casual wear look is often followed by different actresses on comedy shows and drama serials of Pakistan, thus depicting the true essence and colors of Pakistani society and culture.

The simple the better!

One of the most followed casual dresses trends in 2020, is the Plain Shalwar Kameez with Printed Dupatta.

Girls are going all crazy over this new fashion trend which has been catching everyone’s attention lately.

The most common style is:

  • Plain black cotton shirt and trouser with a beige colored silk scarf or dupatta having lavenders painted on them

It goes with the combination of white and baby pink as well, but since black is everyone’s favorite hence they prefer it over anything else.

So, what would be your pick?

We know that people cannot follow the same style for long periods of time, therefore, these trends change with the passage of time according to people's needs and demands.

However, it depends completely on the person itself that which fashion statement will suit them the most.

Above mentioned are some of the best casual dresses ideas for 2020, and now it’s up to you what will you pick!