Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is a brand of Pakistan that makes clothes of the most exceptional kinds. Not only that, but it also makes such clothes that can be worn on an occasion of any kind. If you are a fan of luxury attire and want budget-friendly attires’ not too expensive or too cheap, then the brand of Cross stitch is the one for you. With its beautiful designs and floral prints, the brand of cross stitch has made its way into the hearts of people and because of that, people now only prefer to purchase their clothing items from the brand of Cross stitch. Cross stitch collection makes some of the most beautiful Pakistani dresses with a dress design of your choice. If you are in search of an outfit that is extensively elegant, then the designs are unique in their exquisite way. These dresses are available on outlets, stores and its replicas are also available in the market.

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Cross stitch is famous for its classy ensembles. It is a kind of brand that will leave you wanting for the latest outfits! The more clothes you see, the more you would want to purchase. It is a brand similar to your favorite restaurant; it always gets better with time and trend.

Cross Stitch- A Perfect Gift

The clothes from the brand of Cross Stitch would make excellent gifts to give to someone. You can purchase one for a special person in your life. The eccentric patterns of designs and the gorgeous styles are worth dying for. Overall, it will leave a good impression of personality as well.

Cross Stitch Collection 2020

Cross stitch collections 2020 are in a wide variety. They are available in a wide range and are available to be bought online also. Cross stitch Pakistan is one of the best brands in Pakistan. If you are in search of a collection of clothes that you can wear at any wedding function or a party, or formal gatherings, then the collection of cross stitch is the one for you. Some of the collections from this brand are as follows;

  1. Riwaayat (luxury Pret- Eid Collection)
  2. Luxury Lawn (Sheesh Mahal)
  3. New Arrivals
  4. Unstitched
  5. Ready-to-wear
  6. Bottoms
  7. Razia Sultana (Unstitched Eid Collection)
  8. Ready-to-Wear

Riwaayat (luxury Pret- Eid Collection

This collection from the brand of Cross Stitch, and it is one of the most beautiful collections from this brand. In this, one can purchase clothes for festive attire and for a wedding function. Not only that, but it also sells clothes for a function of Eid. Have nothing to wear on Eid? Don't worry! The Cross-stitch collection of clothes have you covered. Just order anyone of the dress of your liking, and you will receive it within a few days.

The cross stitch designs are not popular for just designs but also for vibrant colours. From bright colours of shocking pink, light red, light orange and sky blue, to dark colours such as red, black and dark blue, you can purchase a dress with an intensity that allures you the most. Make your Eid parties a little more exciting with the luxury collection of Riwaayat, making heads turn as you go!

Luxury Lawn (Sheesh Mahal)

The dresses of luxury lawn for sheesh mahal are of the best kind. And not because they possess an eccentric design, but because this collection of cross stitch embroidery is the most alluring, and that too at a reasonable price! You will forget that you are wearing something so beautiful for a price so low. Embroidered with small mirror designs and colours in a wide variety, you will have a hard time choosing between each clothing attire.

Some of the various designs of cross stitch are muted blue, mink blossom, evening frost, sublime beige, Aztec shadow, Mohr-e-Maah, traditional arches, Kashmiri crewel, calm bliss, astral ikat, Shajar-e-Saru, bagh-e-Marjan, de masque sky and many more. Get a gorgeous look with the luxury Pret of cross stitch and style yourself, boosting your confidence and making yourself seem to stand out.

New Arrivals

Among the new arrivals include the basics wear, luxury wear and exclusive wear. Cross stitch lawn is also included in the collection of new arrivals. Are you in search of items of clothing that are new and up to date with the traditional attire of Pakistan? Not only that, but it also includes those attire that is of the beautiful kind, something you can wear in a modern setting without worrying about it seeming old-fashioned.

Wearing the attire from the new arrivals collection of cross stitch Pakistan, you can always seem up-to-date and in trend with the local fashion or anything that you aspire to do. The new arrivals of cross stitch are unlike any other brand.


The unstitched collection of cross stitch is of the most beautiful kind, and in this collection, there are various items of clothing such as premium lawn, the luxury edit and the daily lawn. Purchasing a clothing attire from the unstitched collection of cross stitch, you can get it tailored according to the size or shape of your choice. But fashion lovers can also let it remain in style and the most elegant form of its natural beauty.

With the unstitch collection of cross stitch, you can never go wrong with the items of clothing from the unstitched collection of cross stitch. The cross-stitch embroidery of not only the unstitched but various other collections as well is what makes it stand out among the crowds.


The bottoms from the brand of cross stitch are to be worn with a shalwar of any kind, a shalwar that you do not usually wear and a shalwar that will flaunt the shape of your beautiful legs. Not only this, but they also seem to be worn with a shirt or a top, that will make you stand out among the crowd.

Did you purchase a one-piece kurta that you were worried would not seem fit with any other attire or piece of clothing? Then do not worry! Because with the bottoms of cross stitch, you can purchase them, anytime, anywhere, and in any place.

Razia Sultana

Inspired by the traditional design of the Mughal era, the collection of Razia Sultana has such attire that is ensured to bring out the queen in you. This collection is almost as precious and rare as the collection of clothing as that of the royal attire. Another best thing about this collection is that it is available to be bought at the most reasonable price.


The collection of ready-to-wear is perfect for all those individuals who prefer to purchase read-made garments rather than worrying about tailoring the clothes of your choice. Style your wardrobe with the attire for ready-to-wear for a girl of any age.

Cross Stitch Sale 2020

Cross Stitch sale that occurred in the year 2020 is one of the best sales a brand has ever put forth for its consumers. Not only is that, but the clothes which were the most expensive available at a different price range. The sale is currently going on, and various collections are available to be bought such as the unstitched lawn collection and the eid collection as well. If you are wondering whether you should purchase it or not, do not be hesitant and just rush to your nearest stores to purchase one for yourself.

Winter Collection

In the winter collection of cross stitch, the clothes are made with such a material, that they would make the season of winter more bearable. With the clothes of this brand, the winter season will pass by extensively smoothly for you, without a hesitation. Undoubtedly, some of the best attire of winter collection is made with cross-stitch.

Cross Stitch Online Availability

You can purchase the attire of cross stitch online. With the increase in the usage of online shopping, various people have resorted to purchasing their items of clothing from multiple online platforms. However, certain online platforms are trustworthy, and you can purchase your items without paying a significant amount of delivery fees, and you would not even have to worry about being scammed or cheated on because the clothes delivered to your doorsteps would be legit.

Fashionista by Shoppingum is one of those platforms that are the best kind shopping for your attire online. If you are in search of a place for purchasing your clothes, then fashionista by shoppingum is the one for you. Not only that, but it is a platform where you would not have to worry about your credit card items from becoming stolen or you being scammed. This platform of online shopping is something everyone should try atleast once in their lives, we promise, you will keep coming back for more.