Edenrobe is a brand of Pakistan that manufactures clothing and attire for men, women, girls and boys of every age group. Not only that, but various collections are also available for it such as eid collection, festive Collection and lawn collection. With the attire of Edenrobe, you can enhance your sense of style because every cloth by this brand is such that it produces clothes with the most beautiful colours and eccentric designs. It is especially suitable for those who like to wear clothes that are a fusion of eastern and western attire because the clothes by the brand of Edenrobe are a literal fusion of the clothes that are western and eastern. Another best thing about this brand is Edenrobe perfumes. From the clothes of Edenrobe kids to the clothes of Edenrobe boys, this brand has it all.

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Edenrobe Pakistan is a brand everyone should try. Are you in search of an attire that will look both beautiful and simple? Then the attire of Edenrobe is the one for you because the attire of this brand is made with beautiful prints.

No matter where you might go, or which place you might shop from, the attire of Edenrobe is like no other, and are promised to make you feel confident in an attire that is entirely based upon how beautiful and unique its designs are as well.

Different Collections by Edenrobe

Edenrobe has some of the most beautiful collections in the sections that they sell. Edenrobe not only sells the various collections for women but also sell it for men. 

Collection for Women

Some of the various collections for women are as follows;

  • Allure Lawn Collection,
  • Festive Collection,
  • Summer Collection,
  • Allure Khaddar Collection,
  • Monochrome unstitched,
  • Mysore Luxury Collection,
  • Cambric Collection,
  • Festive Unstitched Collection,
  • Allure Collection,
  • Ready-to-Wear Collection,
  • Pret,
  • Festive Pret,
  • Monochrome Pret,
  • Western Tops.

Included in the accessories are tights and trousers, bags and clutches, along with tank tops. All of these collections are from the latest Collection in the year 2020. All collections are better than others, and some of these collections are included in the latest Edenrobe sale in 2020.

Allure Collection

The allure collection that is one of the best one for females to wear is such that it will leave you wanting for me. These are made with a material that will make you look classy and stylish. With embroidery that will remind you of the Mughal times, the allure collection is a one that is worth the try.

Festive Unstitched Collection

Festive Unstitched Collection is among that specific Collection that sells unstitched fabric for wearing it during the festival months of eid or even during functions of weddings.

Monochrome Unstitched

This Collection of unstitched clothing items is as such that it is made with the prints of various colours and the combination with which it is made is excellently beautiful. No matter where you go, you will not find any design as such in the Collection of monochrome unstitched. The designs are of various colours, colours that are bright and excellent, colours that will make it easy for you to wear during summer or winter.

Ready-to-wear Collection

The Collection of ready-to-wear clothing includes various dresses that can be worn readily. With this Collection, you would not even have to worry about your clothing items being stitched. You could purchase it according to your size and wear it; it is promised to make you feel comfortable. The Edenrobe shirts are highly recommended due to classy styles.

Mysore Luxury Collection

This luxury collection of clothing is for those women who aspire to become brides. You want your wedding day to become special? Purchase a clothing attire from the Mysore Luxury collection, something that is bound to make your big day special, and something that will make you stand out among the crowds as well.

Western Tops

Are you a fan of western tops? Do you like to wear western tops that are not too revealing nor too tight? The brand of Edenrobe sells those items of clothing, the ones that might be modern, but these possess a style that is excellently beautiful and makes you feel confident in the most extra western top!

Summer Collection

The summer collection from the Edenrobe Collection is perfect for women to be worn during the season of summer. It is made with such material that makes it perfect for summer, something most individuals prefer. And with this attire, you would not have to worry about being sweaty or feeling warm. Edenrobe Lawn 2020 is also included in it.

Festive Pret: This Collection from the women's Collection is perfect for any festival or special occasion. If you have an upcoming farewell party or welcome party, then you can purchase your attire from the festive Pret of Edenrobe. 

Edenrobe Men

This Collection of Edenrobe for men is one of the classiest collections. And in this Collection, you can find various types of attire, and not just one. Some of the various collections from Edenrobe men are

  • Festive 20’
  • Shalwar Suits
  • Kurtas
  • Swish Collections
  • Waistcoats
  • Shalwars
  • Formal pants
  • Denim pants
  • Ties
  • Urban culture
  • Formal suits
  • Blazers
  • Sherwanis
  • Suits

Each of these collections is of the best kind, and the kind of cloth that it is made with is of the most premium quality, a material that will make the wearer look dashing and handsome. One of the best things about the men collection of Edenrobe is that it consists of pants that are formal pants and denim pants, one can choose any pant of their choice and wear it on a certain occasion. The formal suits that it has can be worn during the functions of weddings and also during the business meetings as well.

The Swish collection is the most luxurious one, and in it, the Shalwar kameez is made with the most premium quality, something that can be worn on any different occasion. The kurtas are made with such a quality, that makes it stand out among the crowd of all the other kurtas that are available in the market. The ties that are available are perfect for any formal occasion, and even perfect to be worn every day for office use and also for various special occasions.

Edenrobe Boys

Edenrobe has a collection for not only men but for boys as well. Some of the attire categories in the Collection of Edenrobe boys are as follows;

  • Casual Waistcoats - the casual waistcoats are perfect for young boys to wear during various occasions of farewell parties, welcome parties and even during the prom as well.
  • Casual Shirts - casual shirts are an excellent choice for being worn during a typical day of winter, or summer. 
  • Casual Tees - the casual tees can be worn for a boy of any age, and it might not be as casual as you might think, it is perfect for any occasion.
  • Polo Shirts - polo shirts by Edenrobe are especially good for being worn during golf or any other sports that they might play.
  • Shorts - the shorts of Edenrobe are available to be bought in various sizes. With the shorts of Edenrobe, you would not have to worry about the size or anything else, because it already has everything that one might need in an attire of short.

Some of the other categories in the Collection for boys are as follows:

  • Pants
  • Kurta
  • Shalwar suits
  • Waistcoat suits
  • Sherwanis
  • Suitings.

Edenrobe Winter Collection

The Edenrobe winter collection is perfect to be worn during winter. It is made with such a material that is excellent and will not make you feel cool during winter. Are you worried about what to wear for winter, and are not able to find any clothing of your choice? Don't worry! The winter collection of Edenrobe is perfect for you or for your loved ones. In the Edenrobe Collection are included the various types of items for clothes such as kurtas, shawls, shalwar kameez, waistcoats, suits, western attire, and so much more.

Edenrobe Online

Edenrobe can be bought through any online store. Through its website, one can purchase it through their website because they offer worldwide delivery to your doorstep. Fashionista by Shoppingum is a fashion platform by Shoppingum that sells clothes, and they are received at your doors. This platform saves you from scams, and you can purchase it without worrying about the details of your credit card being stolen.

You can easily either purchase from the winter collection or from the summer collection as well. Not only that, but you can also order any accessory of your choice, something that you like. On the official website of Edenrobe, you can directly choose anything that you like. And the best thing about the shipping and the delivery is that it is not too expensive neither is the process not too compact! Just enter your address, the country you live in, and it shall be delivered to you in no time!