Ethnic by Outfitters

Ethnic by Outfitters is a stylish clothing brand of Pakistan that sells some of the most well-designed attire that is both stitched and unstitched. The Ethnic Outfitters brand sells such Ethnic wear that you would not be afraid of wearing it in a foreign country. It is also one of the best brands for those who prefer ethnic traditional clothing instead of western clothing. The brand of Ethnic by Outfitters consists of Ethnic Dresses, Ethnic Lawn, Ethnic Pret, and Kurtas too. From having some of the most elegant attire for women to the most dashing clothing for men, Ethnic clothing has become a brand that everyone loves in Pakistan.

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In the year 2013, the brand of ethnic Outfitters launched its first line of clothing. That line received such immense love and appreciation from the audience; ever since then, this brand has earned a reputation of being one of the well-known brands of Pakistan. Ethnic is a Pakistan brand that ensures its wearer’s connection with the roots of Pakistan and embraces their ethnicity with pride and joy. Another best thing about this brand is that you can purchase the clothing of ethnic online shopping.

The brand of ethnic by Outfitters is based in Lahore, and its main focus is on manufacturing clothes that are unstitched. Ethnic is the kind of brand that has inspired the works of those brands of Pakistan to evolve new ideas and form clothing different from the other, well ruling the hearts of loyal customers and have been for the past few years.

If you are hearing about this brand for the first time or if you have heard about this name but decided not to pay much attention to it, then today is your lucky day. We will describe each and everything to you in such a detailed manner about ethnic collections and sales that you will be amazed at the elegance and beauty of this brand.

The Ethnic sale 2020 has the most latest and unique designs that will blow the minds of customers, and these lavish and luxurious collections are currently offered at a huge discounted price.

Different Collections by Ethnic Outfitters – Ethnic Collection 2020

There are various collections by the brand of Ethnic by outfitters. Those collections are the kind of collections that you have never seen anywhere else than on this brand because its designs and vibrant colors are the most unique. The majority of the people worldwide are in search of such a brand that sells collections that are not entirely similar to the other brands of Pakistan. And that is why they have a hard time finding a brand that fits their personal preference or unique taste.

For those fashion enthusiasts who do not get pleased easily, ethnic by outfitters are for them. Its various collections are such that they are bound to please you. Suppose you are searching for such a brand that sells Pakistani dresses in the most beautiful designs and the most reasonable prices. Then the brand of Ethnic Outfitters is the one you have been looking for all these years; the prints and embroidery on it make the ensembles look attractive.

Some of the various collections by Ethnic Outfitters are as follows:

  1. Woman Pret
  2. Unstitched
  3. Men Collection
  4. June Pret'20
  5. Kurta design 2020
  6. Hazel HS’20
  7. Dhaani Eid Collection'20
  8. Men's Eid Collection
  9. Wusaaq-Eid Boutique'20
  10. Pret SS'20
  11. Bottoms
  12. Accessories

Women Pret

This collection of clothing contains such clothes that are of the most excellent high-quality material. Purchasing it, you wouldn't even have to worry about looking good because these clothes will make you look automatically beautiful and gorgeous.

It contains clothing in various colors, from dark colors of red, green, black, blue, use colors of light pink, light yellow, and different other light shades as well. If you are searching for a collection that sells unstitched clothing in the most eccentric designs and gorgeous colors, then the collection of women, Pret is the one for you.


Some of the various unstitched clothing by the brand of ethnic Outfitters is such that you can never find it in any other brand. Most people consider it as an overrated brand. However, it does justice to its customers by serving it the clothing of the most excellent quality.

Ethnic clothing is beautiful and unique to its competitor brands and unstitches clothing not only for women but also for men. Men enjoy wearing this brand, and the reason is simple: they enjoy the fabric that is perfect for a muscular body.

Men Collection

Demon collection from ethnic Outfitters is the most star collection because it contains a wide variety of clothing for men to wear of every age. Not only that, but It is also perfect to be worn for men who like to keep it simple and not too classy or flashy. The attire that is produced by the brand of Ethnic is the most unique quality outfit. Ing unstitched attire to the most dashing Sherwanis, the brand of Ethnic outfitters, has it all.

June Pret'20

June Pret'20 Is such a collection from the ethnic Outfitters brand that it contains clothing with the most luxurious design. Wearing it, you would feel at the supreme joy and peace. Not only that, but it also includes such clothing that can be worn comfortably in summer.

All Pakistani clothing fashion lovers wouldn’t have to worry about it being too revealing or Feeling extra warm during summer. Wear attire from the June'Pret 20 collection of Ethnic Outfitters and enjoy the season of summer with your loved ones.

Men's Eid Collection'20 and Dhaani's Eid Collection'20 by Ethnic

Both of these collections from ethnic outfitters are included in the Ethnic Eid collection 2020. Both of these collections consist of such attire that can be worn not only on the occasion of Eid but also on various other functions of wedding parties or birthday parties.

This is a versatile collection and consists of some of the most luxurious clothing items that you cannot find in any other brand. It also consists of formal wear for men of every age. These collections are available in different price ranges.

Ethnic Winter Collection 2020

Ethnic winter collection 2020, such as a warm collection of clothing attire, consists of unique clothing to be worn during the season of winter. It consists of such attires that would not make you feel cold during the winter months. With the attire from Ethnic winter collection 2020, you would not have to worry about feeling cold because the material with which these clothing items are made is exceptional, especially during the winter.


The bottoms by the brand of Ethnic are such that they can be worn under both western and eastern clothes. And that is one of the many best things about this brand. Don't have anything to wear underneath all those tops? Don't worry! The bottoms of the Ethnic brand are promised to provide you with the utmost comfort during travel and even during functions. The bottoms of ethnic are designed in one of the most excellent ways, and in the gorgeous designs, you would not be disappointed.


In the category of accessories, brands of ethnic, there is an external style for those who want to wear it or those who like to wear it above western clothes. This makes them look excellent and beautiful as well.

Ethnic Online

E-Commerce has been rapidly increasing during the past few years, and various individuals all around the world even in Pakistan, are resorting to the solution of online shopping. The reason why is because it has become an easier way of shopping without waiting in long lines. Not only had this, but people discovered that online shopping had made their lives much easier in more than one way. Ethnic is also available online to serve you with exquisite clothing.

With the fear of being scammed, some people are yet not exposed to the world of E-commerce or E-shopping. For those individuals who are afraid of being scammed, there is a platform of online shopping that is the most trustworthy platform in Pakistan. And the name of the platform is Fashionista by Shoppingum.

You can also purchase ethnic wear online. With this platform, you would not have to worry about purchasing clothes and being scammed because with this platform, when you order it, it will be delivered at the steps of your door house. That is one of the easiest ways for individuals around the world and in Pakistan as well.

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