In Pakistan, perfumes are used in a wide amount. The products of perfumes are available for both men and women. You can wear perfume while going out on a date night, or while going to a meeting for your office. In the international and Pakistani markets, there is a vast variety of perfumes available. You might get confused in choosing the best ones for yourself or your loved ones. These perfume collections are now also offered by Pakistani brands and people loved it. These are not only available at stores but also on the official online websites of brands so that you can order it easily. We have compiled a list of some of the best products of perfumes.

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Best Perfumes for Men and Women in Pakistan

Not only men but both men and women in Pakistan love to wear perfumes. They like to make themselves look presentable and beautiful with the perfumes from various brands of Pakistan. Some of the best brands of Pakistan of perfumes for men are:

  1. Versace Perfume
  2. Gucci Perfume
  3. J.Perfume
  4. Khaadi Perfumes
  5. Bonanza Perfumes
  6. CK Perfume
  7. Royal Perfume.

These are the perfumes that are included in the category of best-branded perfume and these branded perfume price in Pakistan might be expensive, but it is not something that is much more expensive than other branded perfumes that you can purchase from the international market. The branded perfumes that you purchase from Pakistan offer excellent value for money and provide its customers with an aroma that is extensively delicious.

J. Fragrances

J. Fragrances and J. perfumes are a brand that sells the most wonderful collection of perfumes. The brand of J is a kind of brand that manufactures elegant, rich, and stylish products. It manufactures not only some of the best clothes in the country, but also manufactures perfumes in a wide array that can be worn by both men and women.

The scent varies from being flowery and fresh with musk that is heavy. It is a perfume that is pleasant and delightful. Some of the best perfumes by J Perfumes are;

  1. Janan Pour Femme,
  2. Xpose,
  3. Legacy,
  4. Janan Gold,
  5. Pure essence.

Perfect for Making The First Impression with J.fragrances

Wherever you might go, there are different scents available for any occasion. While most people think that perfumes do not matter, they do play a large part in making a lasting impression for you towards anyone else. Worried about making the most perfect first impression? Wondering what perfume to wear on your very first meeting? Are you nervous about meeting?

Wondering what to wear during a family gathering? Have no idea how to look presentable to your first interview and make a lasting impression on the interviewer? Grab one of the perfumes from the collection of J. fragrances, anyone of your choice and make a lasting impression on any occasion, at any time, at any place and at any country! Make your moments memorable with the fragrances of j.perfumes and surround yourself with an aroma that is extensively delicious and alluring.

Bonanza Satrangi

The brand of Bonanza Satrangi is the kind of brand that is not only popular for selling their items of wear, but they are also popular for selling their perfumes. When the range of perfumes by Bonanza Satrangi were launched, the audience instantly fell in love with it. Bonanza fragrances are unique.

And the reason why is because it gave off a fragrance that was unlike any other and the markets flooded as people from all parts of the country came to purchase their favorite fragrance of Bonanza Satrangi. Some of the best fragrances by Bonanza Satrangi are as follows:

Panache by Bonanza Satrangi

With the notes of the fragrance that are clean, the perfume of Panache gives off an aroma that is similar to a fresh breeze and the glamour of accents makes one stand out from everyone else. The fragrance is a mixture of fruity and floral, there are notes of violet and rose inside of it along with various hints of raspberry and mandarin.

This is a perfume that can last for up to fourteen hours with the claims of Bonanza and concentration of Eau De Parfum, however the least rate at which it can last is only an approximate time of eight hours. With a size of only 100ml, the perfume of Panache by Bonanza Satrangi lasts better than a signature fragrance that is branded.

Memories by Bonanza Satrangi

When the perfume of Bonanza Satrangi is sprayed for the first time, you would feel its beautiful scent that is most sensual, pure and refreshing. The perfume of concentration of Eau De Parfum with the notes that are aquatic and floral give off a hint that is mixed with lotus, lily and citrus.

The perfume of memories by Bonanza Satrangi is a kind of scent that will make you reminisce about the days spent at the beach with the one you loved. With a scent that would last for long hours, the perfume of memories by Bonanza Satrangi possesses a projection that is soft and offers an excellent deal for money. Another best thing about this perfume is the packaging with which it comes.

Blossom by Bonanza Satrangi

This scent by Bonanza Satrangi is elegant, delicate and feminine and it gives you an extensively fresh breath during the season of spring. This perfume by Bonanza Satrangi that is named as Blossom possesses a projection that is very soft and it possesses such a strong scent that can last for up to twelve hours.

The reason why this perfume is perfect for everyday use is because it can be worn on an everyday basis, for the use of offices, during the outings of evenings, it is a perfume that is priced in the most reasonable manner and is perfect for freshening up your senses.

Khaadi Fragrances

For the past few months, the fragrances of Khaadi have been trending, not only for the clothes that they offer but also for the perfumes that are offered by it.

Bittersweet by Khaadi

The perfume by Khaadi whose name is Bittersweet possesses an aroma that is of lemony zing, citrusy and floral that are soft. This is a kind of scent that possesses various notes of orange, pear and pepper that are pink colored. If you are a lover of a scent that is fruity, then you can add this perfume to a collection of some of the most favorite perfumes that you possess.

It is a kind of perfume that will look the most perfect with outfits that are either casual or fancy. The perfume of bittersweet by Khaadi lasts for approximately 6-7 hours and is perfect for using it on a daily basis, especially during random get together with a bottle of the size of 100ml.

Bergamot Splash

The brand of Khaadi manufactured that perfume called Bergamot which possesses highlights that are citrusy and a woody notes mixture and is perfect for a scent that is a little bit spicy. This brand of Khaadi lasts for an approximate time of six to seven tears with colors that are vibrant and elegant. Despite being available to be bought at the most reasonable rate. If you are a lover of a scent that is spicy, then the fragrance of B. Bergamot is the one for you.


Khaadi manufactured the perfume of Radiance that possesses a scent which is in a mixture of a fruity scent that is floral and the sweet scent that would provide you with a radiance that is proper. This fragrance also possesses a concentration that is extensively soft and lasts for approximately 6-7 hours.

This is a kind of scent that will provide you with a statement that might be casual but is chic as well, and is perfect for being used on a daily basis. However, for some individuals, it can be a perfume that might be quite expensive.

Online availability

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