Gul Ahmed Eid Collection

Gul Ahmed, a Pakistani textile business, caters to men and women for stylish, fashionable clothing. The brand was founded in 1953 and had been running its operations successfully since then. Almost every individual in the state is well aware of this firm because of its high-quality fabric and exquisite designs. The brand launches the most premium of designs and styles on special occasions in its festive wear section, and every year two festive collections are launched by Gul Ahmed for Eid. One for Eid-ul-Fitr and second for Eid-ul-Azha, named as Gul Ahmed Eid Collection. This particular collection has a separate fan base because of its motifs and high-end configuration.

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Gul Ahmed Eid Collection 2020

Things this year on Eid were a little different than the previous years. This was because of the current pandemic, which leads to lockdowns and closure of all malls and shops. No single outlet was operating or was allowed to sell goods physically to the customers. The only options people had was to stick to online shopping.

Gul Ahmed, therefore, launched its Eid collection on its official website since all its outlets were closed due to strict government orders. Marketing of the products was also done through social media networks and sites.

Gul Ahmed also gave away many of its clothes from the latest Eid collection as PR packages to social media influencers to increase their potential customers' horizons. Bloggers and influencers played a major role in the marketing of clothes.

Customers often buy the products only when their favorite activists review it personally and later give their approval.

This entire process of sending clothes to people and waiting for their approval may take a lot of time, and firms may have to wait for a while to notice results, but the results are hands down promised.

This marketing method helps boost sales as people want to dress up as their favorite influencers and models.

Gul Ahmed Eid collection 2020 categories

The latest of Gul Ahmed's Eid collection included two categories:

  1. Festive premium eid 2020
  2. Festive heritage eid 2020

The festive premium collection comprises of 34 items total, unstitched and stitched both. This collection specializes in 2 and 3 piece suits. All of the shirts were full of embroidery and fancy work; some even had pearls attach to them. The color range also varied from light pinks and beige to dark hues like navy blue and black.

Almost every article in this range had embroidered gala shirts and was paired up with net dupattas.

The dupattas had little pearls like beads on it to make the overall dress standout. The trouser style also differed. Some dresses had straight pants like trousers while some had gharara looking bottoms. Plazos were also a major fashion statement in this specific collection.

In this collection, the designer Haji Ali Mohammad played with all kinds of colors, cuts and styles and gave customers full freedom to choose whatever they like the best from the entire range. No single article was identical to the other one. Each dress was different and unique in its way. 

The festive heritage collection had 63 items in total. The prime focus was on long length shirts paired with plazos, pants style trousers, and skin fitted tights. The bottoms were not kept plain in this collection but consisted of designed trousers.

The pants' bottom was decorated with multiple laces or had new cuts on it, making it more attractive and appealing to the naked eye. This collection also had both stitched and unstitched suits. The fabric used in some of this collection was a lawn, which was not the previous bundle case.

Gul Ahmed Eid accessories

The eid collection was not just restricted to clothing garments, but Gul Ahmed launched its new variety of handbags and clutched too. Women usually opt for contrasting colors of their dresses for the handbags.

A handbag or a clutch is a basic necessity for women as there is so much stuff to carry and handle. Clutches are small in nature and give off an elegant and sleek look. These little partners are perfect for dinners, weddings and formal settings.

The outnumbering range of handbags tells that the company has mastered the art of producing stylish bags with time. Gul Ahmed's handbags are perfect for carrying as they are lightweight and have comfortable straps, which does not create tension at the shoulder. Also, the availability of so many choices makes it easy for women to pair their outfit with the best color-coordinating bag.

A pro tip to give an old handbag a new look is to tie a new scarf around its strap as a bandana, and the bag will look good as new. You can customize one individual bag into as many color combinations you like. Attach some trendy earnings to personalize the bag fully. The scarf bandana trick can also be done with cross body bags and clutches which have long straps.

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection 2020 with prices

The brand is currently offering a 15 to 70 percent off discount on all of its items. Previously before the discount when the eid collection was newly released in the market, the prices were very high. Only a small section of people could afford it.

The primary reason is that festive collections are always expensive than any other collections of the year. If the eid collection of Gul Ahmed is to be compared with the summer collection of Gul Ahmed, there will be a huge difference in the prices.

Prices for special collections are always kept high. Also, this specific collection is only produced for a group of people only; the niche market. The brand itself does not target a large market as it knows not everyone will buy such expensive products.

It is also one of the reasons why an affordable brand never produces luxury items as its major market will then be lost, which are its loyal customers. Seeing an enormous increase in prices, customers will switch to competitors' brands, which is not very helpful for the brand's (Gul Ahmed's) growth.

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection 2020 online shopping

The complete range is available online and in stores in Pakistan. The official website of Gul Ahmed is unique and has all the latest collections along with the latest eid collections of 2020.

Fashionista is also a platform that has all the brands available online on a single site. The eid collections are also available. It is a website operated by a search engine shoppingum where individuals can get their hands on all the latest collections of all the famous brands without physically interacting with any single being.

This is one single platform where you can have access to multiple brands in one place. Customers can compare and contrast brands and their designs easily without switching between 2 or more tabs. Shoppingum and fashionista deal in original and authentic products.