Gul Ahmed Lawn

Gul Ahmed is a very well-known and well-established clothing line in Pakistan. The brand is famous for its Pret wear among men and women both. Both the genders equally enjoy the pleasure of wearing the versatile collections of Gul Ahmed. The clothing line is restricted to eastern attires only but has a vast range of varieties of western garments. Gul Ahmed lawn collection in the summer season is the most favorite of fashion women. This brand also has expertise in making home linen, like bedsheets, cushion covers, table mats and much more. The company has gained so much popularity because of its very fine and amazingly textured fabric. Gul Ahmed is known for its clothing material (the cloth) used to produce its clothes. The bestselling fabric is Gul Ahmed's lawn.

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Gul Ahmed Lawn

The lawn Gul Ahmed produces is very much demanded by women all across the country. People desperately wait for summers so they can get their hands on Gul Ahmed's lawn. The lawn is a skin light material. It allows air to pass through, making it easy for the skin to breathe and be comfortable. Women majorly in Sindh side in Pakistan experience scorching heat, and Pakistan also in general, is a hot country that experiences very hot and dry summers.

Such kind of weather leads to sweating and dehydrating. This is when fabrics like lawn come to rescue. Another plus point of wearing lawn is that it does not clog the body pores, which could result in blackhead formation, acne, irritation, redness, or any other skin problems. Investing in the right material is very important else it could result in some future losses.

Gul Ahmed Lawn 2020

The Gul Ahmed lawn collection 2020 currently includes three major collections. All three collections are sold by the brand online and are available in stores. Each collection is different in nature and has something unique to offer, too; thus, the pricing factor also differs. The names and the detailed description of all three collections are as followed:

Luxury jacquard

Taani jacquard collection consists of a total of 10 items, which are all three-piece suits. This means the dress comprises of a dupatta, shalwar, and a kameez. The entire range is unstitched and is sold at a discounted rate currently. Some shirts have embroidered work on it while some have fancy dupattas with the latest cuts and designs.

Tribute collection

The tribute collection has a total of 50 items and consists of 1 piece and three-piece suits. A one-piece suit only includes a single shirt fabric. This range is also unstitched and has the pricing range also varies. This particular collection is an ongoing collection, which means new articles keep on adding up here. Unlike other brands that discontinue a specific collection after some time, Gul Ahmed did not stop stocking up its tribute collection. This collection is also sold at a discounted rate right now.

Vintage garden

The last collection of lawn 2020 consists of 2 items only. Both of them are one piece of unstitched shirts of 1.75 meters long length. The shirts have floral designs printed on them, which is very much trending these days.

Gul Ahmed lawn 2020 with price

Gul Ahmed is presently offering special discounts on its summer lawn collection 2020. The collection is divided into two sections as:

  1. Basic collection
  2. Premium collection

The basic collection has a sale of 20% off, and the premium collection has 25% off. The difference between the 2 is basic collection dresses will not have embroidered work on it or some embellishments, while the premium one will have it all; thus, the premium one will also be sold at a higher price.

The Premium collection will also have the newest collection and will compromise the latest cuts and colors. It will also be designed to be worn for special occasions, as the name suggests itself. The Premium collection has digital prints and embroidered collections that are stylish and stylish.

Gul Ahmed lawn sale

Brands have sales happening all year round. But many times it happens, one misses out the chance of availing the best discounts and sales. Each brand has different time periods set for its particular sale, and so the case with Gul Ahmed. Here are a few tricks to track all the sales happening at Gul Ahmed.

Keep a record of all the previous times when sales took place at the brand. Sign in with Gul Ahmed, so every time there is a new launch happening or a sale taking place, you get notified. The brand itself provides its customers with notifications through emails and text messages.

Keep track of national holidays, that is when there is a high possibility of sale happening. For example, the currently ongoing sale of Gul Ahmed is because of Independence Day. Look out for special discounts for loyal customers if the brand has to offer.

 Sometimes some brands provide loyalty cards to their old customers. Ask the receptionist if the brand has some policies for them. Don't hesitate to ask; it is your right as a customer to ask away your queries and concerns. Gul Ahmed also gives its loyalty cards for discounts in all collections of the season.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed

The very famous collection of Gul Ahmed is ideas. This specific collection has been going on for years, and Gul Ahmed has not decided to discontinue it because of its outnumbering sales. Women have been hooked to this particular collection. The items available in this category at eastern but has a slight touch of western garments in it.

 The range is also stitched and consists of shirts, trousers sold separately, and one suit. This collection is also restricted to women, but the brand has expertise in the young girl's department's field. Mothers often dress up their daughters like them, and Gul Ahmed is a major source of help in such situations. The brand has existed for 67 years and has gained a huge market of its own by now without getting any help from outside.

Gul Ahmed over the years

Gul Ahmed has specialized in different sectors over a period of time. It has not only manufactured clothes for adult women and men but has started to target the niche department as well.  This includes kids and university going girls.

Gul Ahmed has a separate line of clothes for individuals who go to university. This includes two-piece articles, a shirt and trousers. The sizing chart has also changed with time. Previously there were only three standard sizes sold by the brand, but now there is an addition of 2 more sizes. The sizes offered are:

  • Extra-small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

This initiative has opened Gul Ahmed's market to a whole new group of people, which lead to an increase in its potential and actual customer numbers. Now, even more, people can enjoy the benefit of wearing Gul Ahmed.

Why are so many people hooked to Gul Ahmed's Lawn?

The question is very much asked by customers and people who opt for different brands that are so special about Gul Ahmed's lawn, and the answer is that other brands' fabric loses its fine quality after a single wash while Gul Ahmed's clothes remain the same.

The color does not fade, nor does the fabric weaken like other brands' fabric. Gul Ahmed's lawn is made with a mixture of special threads and contains the right amount of contents, making it stronger and more reliable than any other ordinary lawn.

Also, the versatile collection available for daily wearers is not offered by any other brand except Gul Ahmed, so homemakers love to shop Gul Ahmed. Moreover, the price range is very much in budget and is affordable. The prints are new and sold at a cheaper rate than other clothing lines in the market, making Gul Ahmed a smarter and more safe option.

Online availability of Gul Ahmed

There are often times when the dress an individual likes are already sold out or is out of stock, both at stores. This is when websites like the official website of the brand or the integrated online platforms of all Pakistan's clothing brands, Fashionista, come to rescue.

Fashionista by shoppingum is a search engine where one can find all the famous brands' latest collections. A single platform where clothes of all brands like Gul Ahmed is available. The best part of using this search engine is to prevent the individual from struggling between so many tabs; instead, one can compare all the desired clothes in one place and no longer have to switch between 2 3 websites. 

Another pro of using this platform is that it gives the individual the knowledge and awareness of all the new brands in the market, which would not have been possible if one sticks to previous online shopping methods. Here one can keep a check of all the latest collections and brands by going through the website and may even discover new things which he/she did not know before. One can compare the pricing factor, too, while using this site.