Gul Ahmed Sale

Gul Ahmed is a very famous Pakistani clothing line running for 67 years now. It has always been women’s number one choice because of the affordability factor. The brand sells its goods at a much cheaper price than any other clothing brand in the market. Every other textile firm’s main moto is to generate as much revenue as possible except gulahmed. Gul Ahmed has always made sure its customers experience joyful and relaxing moments at their stores by first providing them with the best of collection (designs and styles) and second by going easy on their wallets. So basically the entire article will talk about all the sales and discounts offered by Gul Ahmed in 2020.

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Rs. 390

Rs. 12240

Gul Ahmed Sale 2020

Gul Ahmed sale 2020 is currently going on where the brand is offering a 15%, 25%, and even 70% discount off on its items. Each and every article is at the sale. The reason for such a big sale is:

  • The brand wants to sell off its old stock as summers are ending in Pakistan and brands will now be stocking up with winter collection and clothes, and
  • It is the month of Independence Day which is massively celebrated all over the country. People love to dress up and wear green and white combination dresses. As an act of patriotism clothing brands often offer special discounts on such national occasions.

Gul Ahmed sale 2020 with price

The prices after the sale are very much affordable and now a lot more people can enjoy the prestige of wearing a brand. The sale is also not just restricted to women’s sections of clothing but is also applicable to men’s wear, accessories, and home linen as well.

Not to forget the 70% off is not for all items, the sale is offering up to 70% off, which means the maximum range is 70% and on how many products it is implied is not known by everyone.

The fact that the minimum value could be anything remains true. So whenever an individual shops it is advised to stay alert and look out for such technicalities. This is done to avoid any kind of inconvenience and embarrassment at the counter.

Ideas Gul Ahmed sale

Ideas by Gul Ahmed sale is also a part of this present ongoing sale of 2020. Ideas is a separate collection of Gul Ahmed which focuses on pret wear consisting of lawn items.

This collection has formal, semi-formal, and casual dresses mainly consisting of 1 piece (kameez or trouser) to 2 pieces (shalwar and kameez) articles. This category is the best fit for college going and office going females.

It is so because this section of Gul Ahmed offers the trendiest of designs which are mostly opted by young adults. Ideas Gul Ahmed's sale 2020 is offering 30 to 50 percent off on all of its items.

Sale on accessories and ideas home

The accessories are also sold at a cheaper price because of the end of the season sale. Gul Ahmed sells handbags, clutches, shoes, scarfs under the title of accessories.

The company deals in a wide range of variety of goods. From bathrobes to clutches Gul Ahmed is selling off all of its items in an attempt to make wider space for the bigger and better upcoming winter collection of 2020.

This collection will be the last collection of 2020 launched by Gul Ahmed.

Sale on kids items (boys and girls both)

Kurtis, tee shirts, and sweaters are also part of this end of year sale. Kids sweater which is from last year’s collection which was left unsold is now being sold at a discounted rate of 50 percent and the designs are indeed very much still in fashion. So do not worry about getting your hands on old stock if it still looks good as new.

This is the best time to stock up for your kid’s winter wardrobe as the new collection will be much expensive and will not have any sale on it. The same is the case with the summer wardrobe. If you see a brand selling its old stock for a season that is about to come to buy those goods. It is the best option and is hardly available because not all brands sell previous years' stock.

It is a onetime thing and if you are lucky enough you may get your hands on it.

The premium collection

The summer premium collection which was the most expensive collection out of all the other collections is also sold at a discounted price. Brands do not believe in keeping the old stock no matter how expensive and unique it is.

This is because of the very logic that the textile industry is very dynamic. Multiple designs and styles keep on coming in and going out of the market very quickly. It is never too certain with a specific style that it will always stay in fashion or will last in the market in the long run.

The design gets outdated and replaced by a better and more exquisite one very rapidly. And this process cannot be stopped or changed by anyone as trends keep on changing and so does people’s way of living and their fashion tastes.

The midsummer collection

Gul Ahmed even specially introduced a separate collection for midsummer days and this too is being sold in the sale. So much of the efforts brand put into a single collection and when they do not see any further progress they start clearing out by selling the goods at lower prices.

And this will continue next year too. Gul Ahmed will again launch its 2021 midsummer collection in June July and will later put it up for sale in august for its end of year sale.

As much as the fashion market is dynamic it is also very skeptical about the fact no previous design or style is relaunched in the market.

A clear inspection is done by the fashion police and now because of the easy availability of social media influencers rant or bash out brands which they feel are not doing up to the mark or are not fulfilling customers’ demands of providing them with the latest of cuts and colors.

Moreover, no brand can copy other brands' designs, else it could lead to defamation of the brand in the industry.

Gul Ahmed sale 70 off 2020

From a collection of over 800+ items, the 70 percent discount is only available at 2 items. One at a set of bedsheets and second at 6 piece assorted pillowcases. This hence shows not to fall for the traps brands set to attack its customers.

The sales board is only there to attract more and more customers. Here is how it works. When an individual sees a 70 percent off banner it attracts it. The customers will reach out to the brand and later after choosing all the desired items and accessories customers come to know that the banner mentioned sale was up to 70 percent and not for 70 percent.

This is often a cause of embarrassment for some shoppers who discover late that they do not have enough money to purchase all the selected items and that too at the counter. For others now they are stuck with paying the amount which they earlier thought was not the case.

Often there are times people desperately wait for sales to happen so they can get their hands on the goods they have been wanting for so long. And when sales actually happen the dress either goes out of stock or are not put up for sale. In such cases, online shopping helps. One can easily take a look at the available stock without physically visiting the outlet and can even purchase it online.

Online shopping through fashionista by shoppingum

Online shopping saves a lot of time and money too which would have been spent on transportation and in the food court elsewise. Sometimes the official websites also run out of stock.

The second-best alternative of shopping and finding the same good is to use a search engine like fashionista by shoppingum. It is a website run by shoppingum. On this website, one can easily find all the latest collection of all the famous brands on one single platform. Customers no longer have to switch between tabs to see different varieties of different clothing lines.

This all can be done in one place. One can compare fabrics, designs, price factor, quality of work, discount rates all at one site.

There are also many people out there who will be claiming to sell original products but do not let them deceive you. Fashionista is a reliable source and only deals with authentic and genuine products.

No master copies or copies of the dresses are sold by the website neither stitched nor unstitched. We only offer real authentic articles and believe in prioritizing our customers’ demands and expectations.

We believe it is our sole responsibility to deliver you the best of service. The good you selected that very same good will be delivered at your footsteps.