Gul Ahmed Summer Collection

Gul Ahmed is a brand of queens; this is one of the most popular brands in Pakistan, having the most amazing lawn fabric and collection in their stores. Gul Ahmed lawn is considered to be the most selling lawn all over Pakistan, and even worldwide. Gul Ahmed Lawn was initiated many years ago for the summer season. It eventually spread all over the world. Gul Ahmed has many different categories in their clothing; there are categories for kids and men. Both western and eastern categories are available. Gul Ahmed Summer Collection is the most favorable fabric collection of fashion enthusiasts.

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Gul Ahmed Summer collection has the most outstanding clothes and designs. They have the purest lawn material and the most beautiful, fascinating and trendy dresses and designs.

Gul Ahmed store is also available Online, which helps a customer reach his/her product by simply sitting and home, it is always more convenient for the customers. There are different categories of clothes for women, including formal, semi-formal, and casual prints and designs.

Gul Ahmed summer collection 2020

Gul Ahmed summer collection, which was launched in 2020 in March, has the most amazing collections; it has various categories in its summer Collection, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Baagh-e-Gul summer Collection
  • Anarkali Collection
  • Vintage Garden Gul Ahmed collection
  • Gul Ahmed special edition
  • Gul Ahmed Basic lawn
  • Festive Heritage Collection
  • Festive Eid Collection 2020
  • Halla pottery
  • Ajrak Collection
  • Baraan Midsummer collection
  • YOLO collection.

Gul Ahmed Unstitched Summer collection

Gul Ahmed has an amazing collection of unstitched lawn every summer. They have these beautiful floral prints, digital prints on the purest collection of a lawn. Some of its summer lawn categories are detailed below.

Baagh-e-Gul Summer collection

Gul Ahmed Baagh-eGul summer Collection is based on an inspirational theme of Flowers and all those beautiful floral Patterns; this Collection of Gul Ahmed includes the colorful printed designs of fabric I every category, such as it is available in printed and embroidered collection, but mostly it is digitally printed.

It has single printed and embroidered shirts, two-piece printed and embroidered suits and three-piece, printed and embroidered suits. 

Anarkali Collection Gul Ahmed

Anarkali Gul Ahmed Collection is based on the summer collection; these designs are embroidered on a jacquard printed shirt and is mostly used for festive dressing.

This collection is more embellished and decorated than the other Gul Ahmed summer collections and is more expensive than the other Gul Ahmed Collections. This collection is only available for the unstitched lawn of Gul Ahmed.

Vintage Garden Gul Ahmed Collection

Gul Ahmed Vintage garden collection comes in one of the most beautiful categories of the Gul Ahmed Summer Collection; this collection of Gul Ahmed has a collection of printed two-piece and one-piece unstitched lawn.

 The past culture and traditional designs inspire the prints; it has beautiful and amazing ethnic patterns that make it extra special and beautiful. 

Basic Lawn of Gul Ahmed Summer Collection

Gul Ahmed summer collection's basic lawn prints include the basic solid color prints with beautiful embroidery and work on them; this lawn collection is also known as the Original lawn collection. This basic lawn is light to wear and is more than comfortable to wear in the summer season.

This lawn also comes only in the Gul Ahmed Summer collection, it comes in various beautiful prints and designs, and this collection comes in one piece unstitched lawn, two-piece unstitched lawn, and three-piece unstitched lawn.

Gul Ahmed Special Edition VOLUME 1

This Collection of Gul Ahmed is a special collection, as the name indicated, it is a Special Edition. It has the two-piece and three-piece collection of unstitched lawn, which is printed and embroidered both.

The reason why this collection is known to be the special edition is that it comes with unique and bright colors, which rarely comes in all the other summer collections of Gul Ahmed.

Festive Heritage Collection Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed Festive Heritage collection is known to be one of the most styled and heavy collections; it is more embellished and beautifully decorated and usually worn by people at the festivals. This collection also reflects a cultural theme in its designs and prints.

It comes in only the unstitched collection of Gul Ahmed summer lawn collection; it comes in unique styles and colors, always catchy.

Festive Gul Ahmed Eid Collection

Gul Ahmed Eid collection is considered to be the best collection the Gul Ahmed Eid’s Collection includes the casual and the formal collection; the formal collection is known to be Gul-Ahmed’s Festive Eid collection. 

It has the most amazing and fascinating designs; it is embroidered and embellished with a beautiful material to enhance the look of the beautiful fabric; this festive Eid Collection also uses net and Organza in their collection. This collection comes in unstitched lawn collection.

Halla pottery Gul Ahmed Summer collection

The designs of Halla pottery inspire this collection. It uses these designs on its Hall pottery summer collection designs; this collection comes in the three-piece lawn, including dupatta, Shirt and its trouser.

It comes in vibrant and attractive colors, which are more likely to be the summer colors and have a thin lawn texture to feel comfortable in summers.

YOLO summer collection

Yolo Gul Ahmed summer collection is the two-piece printed lawn collection, which comes with a shirt piece and a trouser piece. The Yolo Collection has bright colors and young digital prints, and these have amazing digital patterns, which enhances the dress's look.

Ajrak collection

Ajrak is a Sindhi inspiration because of its unique color combinations and prints; it attracts the people of other countries as well; Gul Ahmed Unstitched Ajrak Collection is based on the prints designed Ajrak on them, using a lawn fabric material, and making it more trendy.

Baaran Midsummer collection

Baaran collection, is the embroidered collection of Gul Ahmed summer collection, and it comes in amazing colors that are eye-catching. 

It comes in two-piece and three-piece unstitched lawn fabric and is not as expensive as the other festive collections of Gul Ahmed.

Gul Ahmed summer collection 2020 with price

Gul Ahmed lawn summer collection, 2020 has a different price range, which varies with the fabric designs, some are casual prints for the ready to wear collection for a single piece, and some are single shirts with high prices.

Gul Ahmed's two-piece summer collection ready to wear collection, with casual prints, is available at affordable prices, whereas the embroidered collection two-piece is a bit expensive. The unstitched collection price is different; the simple lawn two-piece suit starts from medium range and has expensive dresses. 

Gul Ahmed Summer collection 2020 volume 1

Every collection of Gul Ahmed summer lawn has different levels of volume; some have three levels, some have 5, and some have ten levels. Volume 1 for every category has the initiating summer lawn collection, the Volume 1 for every collection initiates the collection.

Gul Ahmed summer collection 2020 catalog

Gul Ahmed Summer collection designs are available on Gul Ahmed's Catalog. The catalog is available in the printed form and available on the website of Gul Ahmed in a digital form.

Gul Ahmed Online

Gul Ahmed has a vast online store, having all the categories mentioned in sequence. Online shopping makes it easier for customers to buy from home; there are a lot of websites that sell branded clothes on their website. Fashionista by shoppingum is an online shopping store that includes all the Pakistani Top brand clothes, and you can get Gul Ahmed all collections on this platform.