Gul Ahmed Winter Collection

Gul Ahmed, a renowned brand in Pakistan that deals in clothing garments, is for both men and women. The brand has also introduced home linen now and sells bedsheets, pillow covers, bathrobes and much more under this category. Gul Ahmed is specifically famous for its fabric. The material used in the production of Gul Ahmed's articles is very much demanded by people all over the country. Customers desperately wait for the brand's latest collection. Out of all the company's collections, the two very famous and popular collections include the Gul Ahmed summer collection and Gul Ahmed winter collection since winters are on its way, so our prime focus will be on the New Gul Ahmed winter collection 2020.

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Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2020

Pakistan is one of the very few countries which experience all 4 kinds of weather in a year. The changes in season and weather call for different activities and hence different wardrobes. In winter, people want to stay warm and cozy.

This is when warm fabrics like velvet, cotton, khaddar come handy. Gul Ahmed has studied its customers' pattern and hence keeps its collection simple and basic with no heavy work or heavy embellishments on it.

For women in eastern, wear the company focuses on producing shawls like dupattas and cotton-based shirts to keep the body warm and maintain its temperature. The very famous amongst women are these days. It is a two-piece dress that includes a shalwar and kameez. This dress is very similar to men’s usual shalwar kameez.

Gul Ahmed Outfits 2020

The style is now introduced to women, and they love every bit of it. Women never wore the basic shalwar kameez design, and the new style has solved so many problems for females. One, there is no need to pair it with a dupatta with the dress as the outfit is already complete, and second, the outfit is made out of plain fabric. 

There is not any fancy, dewy work on it, which is hard to carry as well. For western wear, Gul Ahmed has expertise in creating denim tops and shrugs for girls and is now emphasizing launching a wide range of jeans section.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection for Men and Kids

For men, separate shawls are sold. A warmer and stiff fabric is used in the making of kurtas and shalwar kameez. Peshawari chappals are the focal point in this collection in the eastern department. In western wear, many designer sweaters are launched for both kids (boys) and men.

For young girls and boys, the primary focus is the trendy sweaters range. Multiple attractive colors and designs are launched, which could easily be paired up with all kinds and types of outfits worn by these little individuals.

In accessories, usually boots or covered footwear is launched, sandals and other kinds of footwear are hardly found in winter collections of Gul Ahmed. The firm also often sells mufflers and warm stoles and scarfs. 

This above description is what the brand usually practices every year in its winter collection. This year there may be some changes or innovations in its collection as nothing is too certain in the fashion industry. Trends keep on changing, and new designs keep on replacing the old one.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2020 with Price

The prices charged by Gul Ahmed are very reasonable as compared to other clothing brands in Pakistan. But whenever a company launches a new collection, the initial prices are always kept high because:

  1. A lot of money goes into the dress's production cost as the brand uses high-quality fabric and material.
  2. And the product is new in the market. If it is sold at a lower price in the earlier stage of its launch, it is going to give a bad impression of the company and the dress itself. People will doubt the fabric used in the garment production and may even consider it a low quality good.

Thus it is advised never to expect a very low rate from any brand's latest collection or even from a brand like Gul Ahmed, who charges very much less than its competitors in usual. The new designs and collections of Gul Ahmed have embellished stylishly.

This hence depicts that there is a possibility of Gul Ahmed winter collection 2020 price to be a little more expensive than what it was last year. A slight increase in prices is predicted.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2020

Ideas is a separate section run by Gul Ahmed. This section is further divided into 2 sub-sections named as:

  • ideas Pret, and
  • ideas home

Ideas Pret

This specific range deals with ready-to-wear articles, including tops, bottoms, Kurtis, and two-piece suits (shalwar and kameez). This category is parted into two subdivisions named as:

  • solids
  • digitals

The digital includes digitally printed Kurtis, which have sceneries imprinted on them. These can be paired with up a plain white or black trousers, and a contrasting color stole. The Winter collection includes these designs and categories every winter.

Solids include two-piece suits and one piece of shirts. The two-piece is a complete dress, and pairing it with a dupatta, stole, or a scarf is optional and depends on the wearer. The one-piece shirts are designed for young adults who can pair it either will jeans, capris or trousers.

Ideas Home

Ideas home is divided into four major categories which include:

  • beddings
  • home accessories
  • kids
  • bath linen

Under the beddings section, there are bedsheets of all kinds. There is printed duvet cover, dyed duvet cover, printed sheet set, dyed sheet set, fitted sheet, bed sets, bed in a bag, throws, pillow covers, bridal bedding. A further distinction is also present for basic bedding, which comprises fillings, comforters, and portable mattresses.

Home accessories encompass of cushion covers, rugs, table linen, and curtain. The kids' section covers beddings specially designed for kid’s rooms and bathrobes.

These bathrobes are made for toddlers, newborns, and kids aged between 7 to 10 years, and bath linen incorporates towels, bathrobes for adults in different colors, and bath mats.

Ideas Home Winter Collection

This is the entire range of Ideas by Gul Ahmed that is being produced by the firm in general. For winter collection, there will not be any major changes in the home linen portion, except for the fact that the material used in the bedsheets will now be more warm and firm to keep the body at mild temperature and a more range of variety and collection will be available for comforters.

Giving customers the benefit of choosing something according to their taste and type is the brand's role. The major change that will be made in the winter collection will be in the ideas Pret department.

The fabric for the 2 pieces and one-piece suits will now be different than what it was earlier. Previously all the dresses were either made of soft linen and lawn, but now this will not be the case. Lawn will now be replaced by spandex, polyester, nylon, and other warm linens.

Winter weddings and men collection

For men, a special cloth is used by Gul Ahmed, which is Latha. It is crisp linen, which is ideal for winter wear. Males are found wearing latha shalwar kameez all across the country in cold weather.

They often pair it with a coat or a waistcoat. This look is perfect for any kind of formal event and setting like a wedding or a formal lunch or official gatherings. 

Since winter mostly starts by the end of the year in Pakistan and this is the most celebrated time of the year because it is the wedding season. Almost everyone is getting married in this time period.

This is when a lot of men prefer wearing latha shalwar kameez. Gul Ahmed has also introduced a good range of colors in its latha variety as well. The colors available are:

  • brown
  • black
  • white

Gents mostly wear these three basic colors, but there is a possibility that Gul Ahmed may introduce a few more color shades and patterns in its latha collection 2020. There is also a separate section for men's shawl, too, as discussed earlier. 

Online availability

The entire range of Gul Ahmed's winter collection is pending and will soon be released online and in stores. But due to the ongoing demand of the fabric, there is a likelihood of stores running out of stock soon, but not to worry, we have got you covered.

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