A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without accessories, and out of many other options available in the market, a handbag remains the most prime accessory of them all. Women handbags are one big statement. This small piece of the article does wonders. It not only helps with keeping several things into one place but helps to boost an individual's confidence too. Females have the full freedom to choose from a vast range of variety. Thousands and millions of designs are available out there, and each one is unique from the other one. This complementary product has a wide market of its own. Stylish and beautiful handbags designs are available in Pakistan, and the latest ones are available at stores and online too.

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Handbags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, hence the price factor varies too. Women of all ages carry a handbag. Designers have expertise in making different bags for all age groups. For example, handbags for girls will be different from a handbag for a college-going girl. Similarly, a handbag for a nursing mother will be completely different from the handbag of a working woman.

The designers with time have learned this art of specializing in different fields, and types of handbags and thus have manufactured something for everyone. There are countless types and designs available to choose. Here are a few examples

  • Crossbody bag
  • Nursing bag
  • Clutches
  • Tote bag
  • Hobo bag
  • Half-moon bag
  • Pouch
  • Muff bag
  • Fanny pack
  • Minaudiere
  • Limelight bags

And many more; the list is too long. Handbags are one extra item that enhances a person's whole look. Handbags are not only restricted to females, but designers have made something for the males too. Messenger bags, laptop bags, cross body, are a few examples that are very famous amongst the male section.

Increasing demand is observed in the male handbag industry. It's an upcoming trend, and designers all across the globe are welcoming this change. The market for handbags is no more restricted to any specific gender.


Countries all over the world, including Pakistan, specializes in the production of ladies handbags. Jafferjees, a very famous brand in Pakistan, is known for its leather handbags. The brand expertise in not just producing the bags but are renowned for their customization skills too. Any bag can be customized according to what the customer demands.

Jafferjees offer its customers a choice to fully personalize the purchased item by getting any logo or name imprinted on it. The company not only masters in handbags but deals in wallet and keychain’s production too, and these also can be customized. The brand offers various styles and sophisticated designs.

Jafferjees and other handbags brands are unique and classy. The companies suffered financially and recorded a decline in sales during a pandemic. To overcome this withdrawal, brands have decided to run its business through its website.

The Pakistani brands are selling branded handbags online and are still offering its customization option like before. The whole process of buying handbags online is very much the same as buying it previously; except now there is no physical interaction between the buyer and seller. However, this does not change the fact that the market for designer handbags is severely affected.


Previously women used to wait for new arrivals of the latest handbags designs impatiently. There was hype for new designs, but now there is an online update for all latest handbag collections. Brands, for now, are also focusing on a new product launch. If this continues for a long run, Pakistani brands will be among top brands in handbags for their high-quality. Also, for the brands that have launched a new collection of handbags 2020, are struggling too in the market during a pandemic. This is because of two main reasons:

  1. Online demand
  2. High prices


The average sum of money charged for a single handbag like the price is from cheapest to expensive or even over-expensive at times. In this current state and situation where people hardly have enough money to feed themselves, charging such an enormous amount for a lady's purse is purely unnecessary and unreasonable. And this is the reason why even after selling goods online, not much of a profit is generated.

The designers need to understand this and to keep the business operations running should focus on producing a little less expensive and affordable items. Though this approach can be used for the time being only for the company's own benefit as soon as things go back to normal firms may shift back to their previous standard procedures. 


Maintaining old bags as new, some tips are important so to make an old handbag look new or to give an outdated handbag a totally new personalized look here are a few tips and tricks.

  • For an old leather bag; put on some on oil and rub on this generously. This will help to give the bag a luscious shine to it, and the bag will look totally new.
  • To accessorize a bag, tie a bandana on it and give the handbag a new uber-chic look.
  • To update and modify any old bag, put on some shiny stones and pearls with the help of hot glue and let it stick.
  • If in a mood of some art, paint away. It is your canvas draw whatever you desire.

Conclusively there are many hacks and tricks available out there to renew your old handbag. It is just a matter of creativity and some thinking. A lot of content on how to decorate an old handbag is easily accessible on the internet. Everything is all on one's fingertips, it is how an individual uses and works with it—the fashion trends change by creative styles.


New bags may be appealing to the naked eye, but one must always spend carefully. Also, it is not mandatory for a person to own all kinds and types of handbags. Individuals can work the way out with one bag too. For example, choosing a backpack over a clutch is a very smart decision. 

Bag packs come in all shapes and sizes and colours, so it is nearly impossible not to get any which goes with one's look. Also, bag packs are relatively cheaper and have a larger space too. One can store a good amount of stuff in a bag pack because of the availability of its ample space whereas, in a clutch, you can hardly keep your phone in it. And if in doubt that a bag pack does not do justice to the look opt for a bucket bag. It is always a go-to and again have a good storing capacity.

Similarly, there are many other options and choices obtainable at one's fingertips. Just keep looking and searching for the right bag. Also, a key tip is never to buy a handbag when you can borrow or lend it from a friend or a sibling. Think smart, work smart. Try to save money and invest in something that will last for a longer period.


Handbags are available in Pakistan at various stores, and the brands and designers are also selling these handbags through their official online website. If you are in search of an authentic site than do visit Fashionista by Shoppingum where all Pakistani brands are available, and you can get your desirable handbag under your budget from your favorite brand.