Khaadi Lawn

Khaadi is a famous and well- known brand in all over in Pakistan, people of every age group love it, and different genders. The fabric material that is used in making these beautiful textured clothes is fine and has a fantastic texture; the fabric itself is handwoven. Khaadi has its outlets in Pakistan and worldwide, where the lawn collection of the brand is famous. Slowly and gradually, this brand became extraordinarily remarkable, and its season collection like summer lawn collection made everyone go crazy for it. It is operating online, and Khaadi stores and its outlets are available worldwide, and now its lawn is loved by people all over the world.

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Khaadi Lawn

Khaadi brand started its career as a designer brand. The career expanded, and different stores were opened in different regions of Pakistan. Slowly and gradually, the Khaadi lawn became more and more famous, being loved by every customer.

Khaadi started to produce innovative trends and collections for all the men, women, and kids categories. The career slowly became vast, and more and more stores were opened in Pakistan. There are almost around 40 Khaadi stores in 17 cities in Pakistan. 

Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection

Khaadi launches its new trendy and amazing lawn, every year on Eids. It produces beautiful and trendy collection every Eid, and people love to wear all the Khaadi Fashionable Eid Collection.

It is made with innovative colors and designs with trendy ideas; the Khaadi lawn Eid collection includes, two-pieces, three-piece, and one-piece collection. The three-piece comes with a shirt, trousers, and Dupatta, the two-piece dress comes with a shirt and trouser OR a shirt and Dupatta. The one-piece collection includes just the shirt piece.

Khaadi Men Collection in Lawn

Not only for the women, but Khaadi also makes trendy clothes for men, with fascinating colors and designs, the Khaadi men collection includes a lot of categories; some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Kurta’s
  • Shalwar Qameez

Khaadi Kurta for men is a single piece collection from Khaadi and has amazing embroidered designs on it. Shalwar Qameez is a two-piece collection. It also has amazing and fascinating designs and comes in many different varieties of colors. These are all also available on the lawn in the summer season. 

Khaadi Kids Lawn Collection

Khaadi also serves for the kids clothing, Khaadi has different categories of clothes for the kids, be it Girls or boys, clothes are available for both. In the summer season Khaadi lawn for kids is available in Kurti style dresses for girls and lawn kurtas for boys.

The Girls Western-style collection also servers many different categories, such as Frocks, Blouses, Dresses, Denim, Tights, Jogger pants, and many more. The Eastern Collection for girls has Kurta’s, pant trousers, formal suits for girls, and many other dresses. These are available in lawn fabric also.

Khaadi Ready to Wear Collection

Khaadi brand basically has two different categories for its collections, which are unstitched clothes and Ready to wear clothes, respectively. These are also available in lawn ready-to-wear collection.

The ready to wear clothes are the ones which are ready to wear for the customers, all the Men and kids clothes are ready to wear, and half of the women collection is ready to wear, these clothes are ready-made and are also known as the Khaadi Pret collection.

Khaadi Unstitched Collection

Khaadi launches its unstitched collection almost in every season and put the old season clothes on sale. The unstitched collection offered in summer in the Khaadi lawn is the most famous unstitched collection of the year.

Its unstitched collection is beautiful and amazing; the prints are mixed with different varieties of bright color combinations; the fall of the fabric and the beautiful prints makes a perfect combination.

Khaadi Khaas

Khaadi KHAAS collection is a category of its ready to wear collection that has semi-formal and formal clothing items, it includes all the festive collection, and its price is also different from the casual Ready to wear lawn clothing items.

Khaadi lawn 2020

Khaadi, being one of the most recognizable brands in Pakistan's fashion market and industry, the brand has always been in the top-notch spotlight as it always has some ranges and collections to offer for every season at any time of the year. The Khaadi Lawn 2020 is being offered in both stitched and unstitched collections that can be worn according to the need for the event or regular routine.


Khaadi lawn 2020 with prices

Khaadi is best known as a brand that offers a range of wearable, from being very affordable to some of the articles that fall in the luxury category, and the prices always depend upon the category that the suit falls in.

Most of the articles of the 2020 collection include a simple kurta and shalwar. These articles can go up to a very high price range, depending upon the fabric, the embroidery, and other details of the article.

The articles made from the Viscose silk that include a Viscose Silk embroidered shirt and Dupatta in dyed Cotton Satin can cost a hefty amount.

The Khaadi lawn 2020 collection with prices that include only Kurta and Dupatta falls in the price range of exorbitant collections. The articles that are three-piece, containing a Dupatta, Shalwar, and Kameez are also expensive collections of Khaadi Lawn 2020.

Khaadi Lawn Collection 2020

Bold colors, beautiful designs, exceptional quality, Khaadi has always been delivering it all. The Khaadi lawn 2020 collection is no less when it comes to being the different one. Here are the collections offered by Khaadi for 2020:

Latest Summer lawn dresses trend collection

The summer collection of 2020 offered by Khaadi consists of shirts, kurtas, long shirts all made out of the lawn, or some are even mixed with a percentage of cotton to make the fabric easily wearable in summers.

Printed fabric in bright colors by block printing and other various traditional printing methods, the Lawn 2020 Collection by Khaadi makes it one of the best lawn preferences available on the market.

Lawn Printed Collection by Khaadi in 2020

When it comes to the vibrant colors and beautiful designs, nobody does it better than Khaadi, and the best example of it is the Printed lawn collection of 2020 by Khaadi. The color blue and its variants in the royal and navy are some of the most prominent in this category. Beige, cream, and greeny shades are also perfect choices offered by Khaadi for the printed 2020 collection.

Printing is done in various designs like floral prints, zigzags, abstracts, etc. They have always been famous for Khaadi. The prints are done on the Kurtis, Shirts, dupattas, and even trousers making this collection a unique and must-have collection for somebody who loves their wardrobe filled up with the trends.

Embroidered lawn collection 2020

The motifs offered by Khaadi for the 2020 collection are embroidered at the borders, in the middle and sides, depending upon the article.

The vibrancy of the colors and the perfect contrasts in the colors of the articles offered makes it one of the best choices to have that are available on the market. These are some of the very best articles offered in the 2020 collection and will definitely prove the ones to have an eye-catching impact everywhere you go wearing it!

Khaadi lawn 2020 sale

The recent khaadi lawn 2020 sale collection was seen on the Festive collection and most of the articles from the simple lawn collection from the 2020 lawn collection. The sales were seen in the stores ranging somewhere from 15% to 50% off on the original prices, which made a huge clientage response towards the outlets of Khaadi.

Khaadi lawn Online

Khaadi brand is famous and trendy, not only in Pakistan but all over the world, its fabric stuff, designs, and trendy colors are liked by people. All over the world, the price range of this brand varies; some of its items start with a very reasonable price that is easily accessible to everyone.

Some of its items are extremely expensive and are not easily accessible to everyone in the world, the brand has a successful career, and its name keeps spreading all over the world. People tend to follow and buy items from the Khaadi online store, as it is more convenient for many people who can not go to the market to buy stuff.

Khaadi lawn clothing is also available on the online Khaadi stores. They have various sections for their different categories of clothes. Such as the pret and unstitched collection have their different sections in the online store. Fashionista by Shoppingum is an online shopping store in which various types of Khaadi collections are available.