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Khaadi is a brand of Pakistan that is famous for its clothing lifestyle and fashion products. This brand is not only famous for its exciting collections but also for its unbelievable huge sales. Khaadi sales are usually offered in every season and now also internationally. The Khaadi outfits are available online and also at Khaadi stores nationwide and also in international market. This is a brand of prestigious collections made with high-quality fabric and the dresses are available in stitched and unstitched both ways. The digital prints and embellished embroidered attires of the brand are known for its classy look and style which are available online and at stores.

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What Makes Khaadi so Unique?

The majority of you have seen the logos of Khaadi when you are walking up on the street or when you are walking at one of the local malls. You have seen the billboards of Khaadi all across the country. The thing which makes it's more unique is Khaadi sale on all collections.

As you gaze up at some of the most beautiful designs, with the most attractive details, you wonder what makes Khaadi so special? Is it handmade clothes or are they attractive designs? Is it an excellent value for money or is the popularity? Today, we will tell you in detail, about what makes Khaadi exceptionally unique and stand out among the rest of the brands in the market.

Hand-Woven Dresses on Sale

Khaadi is a word in the Urdu language, that is the literal meaning of the phrase “Hand-woven”. The attire of Khaadi is entirely made by one’s hands and also offered in sales.

We are all well aware of the fact that the process of weaving is the kind of process that requires a lot of attention to detail along with sheer patience, and the characteristics of the fabric that depend entirely upon the method of manufacturing and the threading process where the woven of threads occur.

Khaadi All Over the Globe

Being one of the most loved brands of Pakistan, Khaadi operates all across Pakistan in 52 different stores, in 17 cities all across the globe and in the United Kingdom as well.

One of the largest stores of Khaadi is located at the Mirdiff City Center in Dubai. Various collections on sale are also offered nationally and internationally which are available online also.

The brand of Khaadi is not loved without any reason. The reason why everyone is so in love with the brand of Kaadi is that it offers crazy sales to its customers with even crazier prizes! You can easily shop without having to worry about wasting a lot of money on a suit or a lawn kurta that you would wear only twice!

Crazy Sale Opportunities by Khaadi 

The opportunities of Sale that are offered by Khaadi are crazy. If you are a regular Khaadi customer and purchase your clothing attire from that brand, you would know that Khaadi offers its customers with some of the best sales.

There are moments when the attire is so cheap, you can purchase the latest designs at the most affordable prices. However, just because it is sold at a lower price, does not mean the attire of Khaadi is not of quality.

Different Collections of Khaadi on Sale 

Some of the different collections of attire in Khaadi are Unstitched, Ready-to-Wear, Kids, Home, and Accessories. The latest percent of Khaadi Sale 50 off is trending in the summer season.


If you are in search of a brand that sells the most comfortable unstitched wear, then look no further except in Khaadi! Some of the various categories included in the category of Unstitched at Khaadi are Festive Eid Collection, Summer Collection, Spring Collection, Luxury Collection, Lawn, Jacquard, & Schiffli. Khaadi's unstitched collection sale is up to 30 to 50%.

Luxury collection

The most loved collection among the unstitched collection is the luxury collection. Are you in search of a dress to wear at your wedding function? Are you in search of a dress that will suit you perfectly on your prom date?

Are you in search of something that will be simple, and casual, yet make you stand out among a crowd of people? Then look no further than at the brand of Kaadi because this is a place where you will find the perfect luxury unstitched item for yourself and your loved ones!

Festive Eid Collection

The festival of Eid always comes with an excitement of what to wear, and what to choose. Oftentimes, people have a hard time finding the perfect dress to be worn on the occasion of Eid.

Not only that, but they also have a hard time choosing something as merely the right color for themselves! When that happens, look at the Festive Eid Collection and all your doubts will go away for choosing the right outfit for Eid! From red colored dresses to purple colored dresses, you will find everything here. Khaadi festive eid collection 2020 becomes a hit sale of the year.

Lawn collection

Are you in search of a lawn collection that is both affordable and stylish? The Khaadi collection is all that one can wish for! So what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest stores and purchase any lawn dress of your choice. It can either be of two-pieces of three-pieces as well. Khaadi lawn collection sale is trending at stores, and at their online websites.


There are certain brands of Pakistan that sell attire that will not be perfect for your size. However, at Khaadi, you can purchase the best attire for yourself and your loved ones as well. Being available at a wide variety of sizes, you can purchase a different variety of colors at Khaadi. The Ready to wear collection sale is always an attractive one.

Ready-to-Wear Kurtas

Some of the basic kurtas that are ready-to-wear are in a wide variety such as basic kurta, printed kurta, kurta with dupatta, kurta with pants, full suit, and embroidered kurta. The ready-to-wear kurtas of Khaadi are of the most excellent designs in the latest variety and in the most eccentric colors.

Khaadi Kids Collection Sale

Having a hard time choosing the perfect outfit for your child? Are you in search of an attire that will be perfect for a child below the age of fifteen? Are you in search of the perfect outfit that will be age-appropriate for your child? Do you prefer colors that are naturally light? Then the kid's collection of Khaadi will be the perfect choice for you and your child.

Some of the different categories in the kid's collection are kurta, pants, formal suits, blouses, dresses, tights, pants, denim, T-shirts, Jogger pants, kurta waistcoat, T-shirts, Shirt, Jogger pants, polo shirts, briefs, and socks.

These collections have varying types such as girls' eastern, girls western, boys eastern, and boys western along with few other accessories that are essential for children of that age. The Khaadi kids collection sale collection is beautifully designed with embellished embroidery and prints.

Khaadi Sale 2020

The sale of Khaadi occurs almost every season, and as mentioned before, the attire is available to be bought at the most reasonable rates. The Khaadi sale 2020 with price online can be available to be seen through any online platform.

However, it is only through the website of Khaadi that you can see the perfect dress for yourself, especially during the Khaadi Black Friday sale. Sometimes, the prices Khaadi sale 50% off, that is perfect for the best kind of products that you would want to purchase.  

Khaadi Winter Sale & Khaadi Summer Sale

The sale of Khaadi occurs every season. Whether it is the season of summer or the season of winter, there will be times when sales will be as less as 50% and you can purchase your favorite winter or summer outfit from there without worrying about spending extra cash.

Khaadi Sale Online

All of the categories mentioned above are included in the Khaadi 2020 sale, and you can purchase any item that will be perfect for you according to your personal preference. There are various brands of Pakistan that sell attire at the cheapest rate.

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