Khaadi Summer Collection

Khaadi is a very famous Pakistani brand known for its luxurious and daily wear clothing line. The company is known for its design and the range of varieties it offers. Khaadi launches new articles every season.  The product it sells varies from unstitched items to fully readymade suits available in Pakistan and internationally at stores and online. The customer can choose to fully customize the dress by purchasing all three things separately, which is to get a readymade or unstitched kurta from the outlet, pair it with a trouser, and stole and voila the look is complete. The brand has given its clients full liberty to mix and match colors and design the whole outfit.

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Khaadi summer collection 2020

The brand has expertise in manufacturing clothes for all occasions and seasons. Khaadi has recently launched its summer collection in 2020. The brand has come up with four different fabrics for the current humid season, which are:

  • Lawn
  • Dobby
  • Jacquard
  • Schiffli

These fabrics are mostly preferred and worn by Pakistani women in such hot weather. They are easy and comfortable to carry in bright sunny days.

Khaadi summer collection kurtas

The brand is widely famous among working ladies and young adults. This particular section wants to stay in fashion and updated with the latest fashion trends. Khaadi summer kurtas are trendy and classy as well.

These kurtas have the latest cuts and designs and are beautifully stitched too. Customers no longer have to run to the tailor off and on in order to get the right design and right style. Everything is taken care of by the brand.

Khaadi summer sale

The clothing line also offers discounts to its loyal and new customers. Loyal customers are given loyalty cards for which they get around 20% off on all items, whereas the new and other customers enjoy the benefit of seasonal sales.

The discount percentage may vary and are applied to some goods only. Though there may be times when the brand decides to offer a full 50% discount. But remember, it is only done for three main reasons:

  1. To drive competitors out of the business
  2. To sell off the leftover stock of the summer collection
  3. When there is a special occasion nearby

Similarly, the Khaadi summer collection 2020 sale will only happen when the stock starts to pile up in the warehouse. The weather is turning a little cold because this calls for winter collection and demand for warmer fabrics like velvet. And in times like this, dresses made out of lawn will not be worn by females.

Khaadi summer collection 2020 with prices

Now comes the price factor; Khaadi is relatively more expensive than most other clothing brands in Pakistan. It is so because of:

  • Its goodwill in the market (brand image)
  • The newest technology used in the making of goods (the high-quality fabric used)
  • The latest designs launched calls for the most modern of creativity hence higher demand for its products.

A real example of the points mentioned above is a simple two-piece Khaadi suit from the latest summer collection 2020. The dress price is exorbitant, which includes a black Brosha embroidered Kameez with plain trousers. The fabric used in it is a lawn that is also not very expensive and manufactured by Khaadi.

Another example is a two-piece suit again, but this time it includes a dupatta instead of a shalwar along with a shirt. This dress costs in different price range and designs. The prices are a bit higher than the other ensembles, which seems quite unreasonable just for one dupatta.

And finally a three-piece suit, for a three-piece dress which includes a shalwar, dupatta, and a kameez which is available stitched and also in the unstitched collection in the various expensive price range.

For an underdeveloped country where the average income is below average, charging a hefty amount is very unrealistic. The majority of people cannot even afford these items. Khaadi is hands down charging enormous amounts for its latest Khaadi summer collection 2020.

Khaadi mid-summer collection 2020

Midsummer is the middle of the summer that happens between spring and autumn. It calls for the warmest of days. Pakistan also experiences this hot weather.

It is so because Pakistan is situated near the equator.  In weather like this, people demand skin light material, which is breathable and is soft. Since Pakistan is a hot country, wearing other than light fabrics would result in skin rashes, irritation, excessive sweat, and even severe skin problems.

Khaadi realized the issue and focused mainly on one fabric: lawn when creating its midsummer collection. The whole variety was based on the lawn and other light materials. This is so because such clothes let the skin breathe and do not clog pores, which may also result in blackhead or whitehead formation on the body or, even worse, back acne (bacne).

The entire midsummer collection had pastel colors like sky blue, lime, yellow, peach. Colors like these are very much desired in such seasons. The individual trouser range also mainly had whites, and off whites, black and dark colors were avoided in this launch. Almost every two-piece and three-piece dresses were paired with white trousers as well.

Embroided work was avoided; instead, digitally printed shirts were in the majority with some lacework. The shirts were mostly in frock style, and loose in nature. It was done in an attempt to let air pass through the skin and avoid sweating. The sleeves were also kept simple with a little bit of detailing done through the cuts and styling; otherwise, there were no major embellishments on the sleeves.

Khaadi summer collection 2020 online

Even though Khaadi has over 52 stores all over the country, the founder still wanted the brand's wide availability. To do so, Khaadi started operating online, too, in an attempt to cover an even bigger section geographically and entertain as many customers as possible. 

Khaadi had provided the service of online shopping, which has also helped the customers in times like these when due to coronavirus, all malls and outlets were closed. There were strict orders from the government. This was when online shopping came in handy—people who opted for online shopping and got the desired items from Khaadi.

Since there was no chance of reopening the stores anytime soon, Khaadi launched its summer collection 2020 online. The company leveled up its marketing game and reached out to social media. There were advertisements for the new collection all over the internet. And for customers who do not have access to the internet were informed about the latest collection through text messages. 

Khaadi also offered a good discount rate to attract even more customers. This created the perfect hype the company wanted and resulted in an exceptional number of sales. After seeing Khaadi's success in such difficult times, other brands also opted for the same strategies and started operating online. 

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