Khaadi Winter Collection

Khaadi is a famous and renowned brand, run by Shamoon Sultan. It has all the luxury and casual clothing items. Depending upon the seasons and the weather conditions in the country, the Brand Khaadi launches its collections like summer and winter collections. The winter collections start to launch at the start of October and go till the end of March; there is a sale after every season is ended or started, which is ending season sale and starting a season sale, respectively. Khaadi winter collection is available at the online website of Khaadi and also at stores in the winter season in various styles ensembles.

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Khaadi Winter Collection 2020

Khaadi launches its winter collection depending upon the weather changes, Khaadi winter collection is generally launched in the month of October, and continued in the next year till March.

Khaadi winter collection 2020, had amazing and phenomenal designs, with beautiful and remarkable prints on it. Khaddar and other thick textured fabrics were used to make the items; the collection included categories in two-piece and three-piece suits. 

The winter collection for the year 2020 has also been launched for the kid's wear, the western collection, and the formal wear. It has also introduced its Khaadi winter collection 2020 catalog, which has all the designs and dresses that are displayed in the stores.

Khaadi Winter collection 2020 with prices

Khaadi winter collection 2020, is expected with an amazing design collection, varies in their price ranges according to the clothing design’s intricacy. The more intricate the designs, the more expensive the dress would be. Khaadi Winter collection 2020 prices are expected to be expensive as compared to the summer collection.

Types of Fabric used in Khaadi winter Collection

There are various types of fabrics used in the Khaadi winter collection; the fabrics mainly used are thick in stuff so that it is useful for giving warmth in cold weather. They use Fabric with extremely high quality, and the designs and color combinations used on it are purely genuine and extremely excellent. 

The colors of the prints never fade away, and the quality of the Fabric never gets old, it is always as fresh as a new piece of Fabric. Another plus point is that the Fabric used in the Khaadi winter collection is a warm and thick textured fabric, so it makes a person feel warm wearing it.

Some categories of fabrics that are used in the Khaadi Winter collection are detailed and mentioned below.

  • Viscose
  • Khaddar
  • Karandi
  • Jacquard
  • Linen
  • Cotton satin

Viscose Clothing fabric

Viscose is a thick textured fabric mostly used in the winter season clothing; it is used to make clothing items for women; it can also be used to make clothes for teenage girls or other kids. This cloth is used to make Short Kurtis, Long kurta's, or any kind of frocks.

Khaadi uses Viscose fabric for their winter collection, as this cloth is smooth and comfortable in wearing and always satisfies the customer.

Khaddar Clothing fabric

Khaddar is also a very thick textured fabric used to wear in the winter season; khaddar is thicker in its texture as compared to the viscose fabric, it keeps a person warm in winters and is a strongly textured fabric.

Khaadi launches its winter collection in khaddar, which is divided into various categories as this Fabric is used in making the Khaadi unstitched winter collection, Khaadi Pret casuals with One piece, two pieces, and three-piece collection. 

Karrandi Clothing Fabric

Karrandi fabric is a mixture of both Cotton and Silk fabric; the Cotton gives it a bit of cooling effect as it is the most comfortable clothing fabric for summers, whereas Silk gives it a bit warm makes it comfortable to be worn in the winters.

Khaadi winter collection also used the Karrandi fabric in their dresses, unstitched dresses and ready to wear dresses are made with this Fabric, either it's One-piece, two-piece or three-piece clothing item.

Jacquard Clothing fabric

Jacquard is a fancy woven fabric, which is mostly used to make the formal clothing items; this Fabric is woven on a special kind of loom through which brocade fabric is also made. This Fabric also has a thick and warm texture, but it is not used as casual wear, as it has an extremely fancy look, this Fabric is only used to make the formal clothing.

Khaadi uses this Fabric for their winter collection formal dresses, formal frocks, gowns, and three-piece dresses are made by using this jacquard fabric.

Linen Clothing fabric

Linen is a smooth textured fabric with a great fall; it is considered to be one of the oldest fabrics. It is a strong and thick textured fabric and is best to wear in the hot weather conditions.

Linen is one of the most worn fabrics in winters In Pakistan. Khaadi also uses linen in their winter collections, two-piece and three-piece suits are displayed using linen in Khaadi winter collection.

Cotton satin Clothing Fabric

Cotton Satin is 100 percent cotton material, but to be added some glossy textures in it makes it suitable also for the winter season, many clothing brands. And Khaadi uses Cotton satin in their Winter clothing collection and is liked by most of the customers.

Khaadi Winter Collection Unstitched

Khaadi launches its winter collection, every year in between the months of October and March, the Collections starts to launch in the month of October and starts its ending sale near the end of the month March.

Khaadi launches dresses with different categories in their winter collection designs, some of the dresses introduced are unstitched dresses, and some are launched as the ready to wear collection. 

Khaadi's unstitched winter collection also falls into many categories of prints, fabric material, and so on. Various categories include two pieces Khaadi winter collection 2020 and three-piece collection that are optional in every collection. 

They have Luxurious Collection, Printed, and embroidered collection, the price range varies with the dress categories. The types of print include Digital prints, floral prints, basic colors, and many more.

Khaadi Pret Winter Collection

Khaadi ready to wear winter collection is launched with the launch of the unstitched winter collection, the Khaadi ready to wear winter collection includes all the clothes having fascinating and beautiful designs and are pre-made.

The Khaadi Pret winter collection has many categories; the types of clothing items' designs differ in many ways. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Khaadi Pret three-piece suit
  • Khaadi pret two piece suit.
  • Khaadi Pret Kurtas
  • Khaadi Pret Kurta with Dupatta
  • Khaadi Pret kurta with pants

Winter Collection Western dresses

Khaadi western collection includes the most trendy and amazing dresses, Khaadi winter collection for western dresses includes clothing for every age group, from women to the kids.

There are trendy tops made of khaddar and viscose fabric to be worn on top of cotton pants or jeans; there are jackets for girls and boys that keep oneself warm in winters, the quality and texture of each and every item is fantastic and mind-blowing. 

They have pants, Full sleeve tops to cover ourselves in the winter season, and many different kinds of amazing and fascinating designs of tunics for women.

Khaadi Eid Winter Collection

As both of the Eid festivals come in the summers, the Khaadi winter collection has not been launched on Eids lately. However, the Khaadi Winter Eid collection comes with many unusual and eye-catching designs and prints.

The fabrics used in the Khaadi winter Eid collection are Viscose, Jacquard, Khaddar, Cotton satin, and many more. Some dresses have beautiful embroidery done on it, and some have a gown made of Silk and net to make it look more formal and festive.

Khaadi sale

Sale on the brand KHAADI is probably the greatest news Pakistani women could ever get to hear, Khaadi sale is considered to be the best brand sales. The dresses which were not affordable enough for some people become easily affordable and reasonable for such people. 

The sale gets 50 percent off sometimes, 20 percent or 30 percent off sometimes, the stores become crowded, and the people tend to buy as many clothes as they can in the sale time period. 2 piece Khaadi winter collection 2020 is expected to be in trend and on sale. 

Khaadi winter collection 2020 sale with prices are dropped down. Khaadi Winter dresses are more expensive than the Khaadi summer collection, and not a lot of people are able to afford them. Still, once the sale occurs, they are dropped down to the lowest prices, and it becomes easier for such people to buy from this brand.

Khaadi Online

Khaadi Online store has also been more effective for many years; people tend to buy clothes from online stores instead of the malls and other market areas as it has become easier to buy clothes, just with one click.

Khaadi winter collection 2020 online shopping became a trend in people because people never want to go out in winters for shopping, so they order they're trendy and beautiful designed dresses at home, and it has also become a lot easier for the people.

Fashionista by shoppingum is a platform where Khaadi winter collection 2020 will be available, just like all other collections are already available. So, get your desirable dress by the Fashionista world.