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Pakistan is famous for its big occasions like weddings. Here such event calls for huge celebrations and extravagant preparations. Celebrations for these events may last up to days and weeks. This is because it is a one-time experience, and everyone wishes to enjoy these days to the fullest. The show stopper of this occasion is the couple, mainly the bride. Everyone has their eyes on her. The bride is the most prominent asset of this entire function. She always has to look good hence perfect makeup, trendy jewelry, and the foremost important thing a luscious bridal dress is required. If the bride has got it all covered, the games over, she won. Maria B bridal dresses are a dream wedding dress for brides of Pakistan.

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Maria B Bridal Dresses in Pakistan

But for winning this battle, there goes a lot of struggle and sweat. This is because finding the perfect bridal outfit is not a piece of cake. In such a dynamic market where new designs and styles keep coming in and going out of the fashion industry, it is very hard to stay up to date at all times. Especially for brides, who are the center of attraction for everyone. 

Multiple designers have excelled in bridal wear, but the one who has been topping the list for a very long time now is Maria Butt, also known as Maria B. Maria Butt is a renowned fashion designer and is super famous for her bridal dresses.

The customer will find every kind of variety and collection at her outlet. She is an experienced and very versatile designer of this era. 

Maria B Bridal dresses

As mentioned earlier, weddings in Pakistan may last for several days. It is because there are so many prior events before the actual wedding. The list of functions is very long, but here are a summarized version of the commonly celebrated rituals:

  • Mangni (engagement)
  • Mayoon
  • Mehndi (Henna Applying day for the bride)
  • Dholki
  • Shaadi (the actual wedding)
  • Walima (the reception)

Every function happens on a separate day, and thus the bride requires separate clothes for each day. Many bridal designers in Pakistan manufacture clothes for brides, but Maria b is one of the very few individuals who have something different to offer for every function.

Maria b bridal collection not only includes dresses for the Shaadi and walima but can easily find something for mehndi and mayoon.

Also, Maria B’s bridal collection is restricted to the brides, but the bridal range accommodates different clients, such as the bride's mother, sister, friend, or cousin. The Maria b bridal section deals in sharars and gharas and has a wide exquisite range of variety in shalwar kameez too.

Maria b bridal collection 2020

Every year the brand launches new collections and designs to serve its brides. No previous designs are repeated or re-launched in any way unless the customer itself asks for special customization. This year the brand came up with new cuts and colors in its lehnga section.

Previously brides in Pakistan were expected to wear reds with a golden age only on their big days, but the tradition was changed, all thanks to designers like Maria b. She introduced orange, maroons, a combination of green and red, pinks, and pastels in the market.

The color one will notice the most in Maria b bridal wear is whites, peach, and light pink. These colors are perfect for engagement and walima day. Since brides prefer wearing soft colors on this, it is because to give off a western look to the eastern (desi) dress.

Maria b bridal collection 2020 with price

Not to forget these dresses cost an arm and a leg. A single lehnga belonging from Maria b bridal dresses 2020 may cost expensive. The maximum price could be anything. The brand also does not disclose all its dress prices on its official website because its reputation is at stake.

The potential customers are required to make a prior appointment before visiting the outlet in person, and only then, after reaching there, the customer will find out the actual price of the dress.

This is one common practice in the fashion industry and is opted by all bridal designers in Pakistan, so nothing is new and unexpected.

Maria b bridal replica

Since not everyone can afford to buy such highly expensive brands, the options of buying replicas (known as the first copy) of the dress are also available in the market. The replicas are ten times cheaper than the original dress. But this means the customer will have to compromise on the quality of the good.

The fabric will not be the same as the original; also, there may be some slight or major differences in the design. Furthermore, there are special perks for buying the original Maria b dress.

  • The dress can be fully personalized according to the measurements given by the customers.
  • A wide range of color selection is available
  • Guarantee of the fabric used in the production of lehngas
  • The defaulted piece can be exchanged or returned
  • Customized bridal dresses are also made

These specific services are not available when it comes to buying replicas. The customer who wishes to purchase a less expensive item will have to invest a lot in the dress.

The first struggle is to find an experienced and reliable tailor who has mastered the art of stitching lehngas since not all replicas are readymade. They are mostly unstitched cloth sold to customers.

Also, there is no guarantee of the fabric used in the replica. The material may lose its fine quality and shine after the first wash. This would have never been the case if the dress was original, and even if it did happen, the brand would have been liable to take full authority of it and to stick with either of the options; one to refund the customer fully or exchange the good with a new one.

Moreover, replicas come in very few shades and designs. There will be only 2, 3 options to choose from; while purchasing the original item, the customer has the full liberty to design the dress and choose whatever shade they desire. The dress is made from scratch in case of buying it directly from the brand.

Online Availability of bridal dresses

Although one cannot buy bridal lehengas online as it requires physically visiting the store, buying dresses for weddings is available. One can order it online through the brand's official website or fashionista by Shoppingum. It is a site run by, the only platform that accommodates all famous Pakistani brands at one single website.

Customers no longer have to hassle between different tabs to compare and contrast different brands because all of this can be done at one individual place.

Prices of the dresses are mentioned along with the description and picture of the article. It is one reliable website, so as not to worry about getting your hands on fake or copies of the dress. Shoppingum and Fashionista deal only in authentic and genuine goods. Our sole priority is to provide our customers with the best clothing under budget.