Maria B Eid Collection

Maria B is a famous and renowned fashion brand in Pakistan, owned by Maria Butt. This brand has the best, most fascinating and beautiful design collection. Every year it launches its new collections, which have unique prints and design collections. Maria B launches its beautiful collection for women and kids, both stitched and unstitched. With beautiful prints and trends, on every Eid. It launches its festive Eid collection, casual Eid collection in both stitched and unstitched categories; it also presents Eid collection for little girls having lovely and beautiful designs and small prints. Maria B Eid collection is also available online. It launches on its online store before Eid so that people can easily buy the clothes online. It also makes it more convenient for people to shop online.

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Maria B Eid collection Unstitched

Maria B sells their unstitched Eid collections with beautiful prints and styles; they have different amazing categories in their unstitched collection. Eid collection launches for some of those categories. Which includes:

  • Embroidered unstitched Eid collection
  • Printed unstitched Eid collection
  • Formal unstitched Eid collection
  • Casual Unstitched Eid collection

Embroidered Unstitched Eid collection

Maria B embroidered Unstitched Eid collection includes the embroidered designs on different materials of fabric; the fabrics have a beautiful fall and fascinating prints, which makes it look more attractive, the hand or machine has done embroidery, makes it more eye-catching. 

The Eid collection of Maria B in the Embroidered Unstitched designs is special and more attractive than the regular collections. The festive look and the beautiful trendy styles make it more special and fabulous. 

Printed Unstitched Eid Collection

The printed unstitched collection of Maria B fashion brand comes in the casual collection category; it has all the beautifully printed fabrics on the pure fabric material, which enhances the fabric's look. These unstitched collections are a lot cheaper than the embroidered Maria B collection.

Its Eid collection is simple and beautiful. It has fascinating and more attractive prints on the fabric; people can buy the printed unstitched collection and embellish it with beautiful laces and other beautiful embellishing material, to make their Eid perfect with Maria B.

Formal Unstitched Eid Collection

In the Maria B formal unstitched collection comes the beautiful and alluring decorated formal collection; this collection is more expensive as compared to the other Maria B collections, as it is more embellished and decorated to give it a festive look, most of its designs are made with different categories of fabric material such as Chiffon, Brocade, Silk, Decorated lawn and Cotton.

Maria B Eid's festive collection has many beautiful clothing items, it gives the dress a perfect Eid look, with Organza dupatta and further beautiful and fancy fabric materials.

Casual Unstitched Eid Collection

The Casual unstitched Eid collection is simple and elegant, which comes with beautiful printed shirts and frock designs; the prints can be digital or floral. But its bright and vibrant colors enhance the look of the dress; this collection is also a lot cheaper than the Formal and festive Eid collection, and it's affordable for many of the people across Pakistan. 

Maria B Casual Eid collection includes casual printed suits, and single shirts with bright and attractive colors, having digital prints or floral prints; some might have Ajrak or other cultural patterns printed on them.

Maria B kid’s Eid collection

Maria B Kids Eid collection includes little and beautiful dresses for small girls, made with different categories of fabric materials; the Kid's collection has different fascinating designs for little girls, such as Angrakha frocks, short Kurtis and shalwar, Frocks, Short shirts with trousers.

Different designs of dresses are made with different material of fabric accordingly, such as a short baby Angrakha is more likely to be made with the organza fabric or chiffon fabric, some simple shirts and frocks are also made with simple lawn and cotton as the kids want it to be more comfortable for them.

The colors of the Maria B kid’s Eid collection are vibrant and attractive as the kids always like it bright. The Kid's Eid collection is reasonable in price, but as compared to the other Pakistani fashion brands, this one is more expensive. 

Maria B Ready to Wear Eid Collection

As there is an unstitched collection of Maria B, there is also a ready to wear Eid collection, as some people always like to wear it ready-made.

The ready to wear collection of Maria B also fall into some categories, such as the Formal and Festive collection, and the casual and simple collection. Both of the Collections differ in their delicacy, style, and price range.

Maria B Formal ready to wear Eid collection

The formal, ready to wear Eid collection comes with festive and decorated clothing designs. With beautiful embellishment and fascinating designs, the fabric material used in the formal ready to wear Eid collection is unique and delicate. 

The fabric material used in the ready to wear festive Eid collection of Maria B is Organza, Brocade, Silk, Cotton satin, net and many other beautifully decorated delicate fabrics, which gives that festive look the dresses. 

These dresses are perfectly made for the festivals and can be worn on Eid by the people who love wearing fancy dresses and more festive collection.

Maria B casual ready to wear Eid Collection

Maria B casual Eid collection, ready to wear, comes with beautiful prints on beautiful fabric materials, the fabric material used in the casual collection of Eid is more comfortable. The printed designs are digital and floral prints, with beautiful and attractive colors used.

These printed ready to wear collection comes in a three-piece collection and is cheaper as compared to the ready to wear festive collection.

Maria B Eid Collection 2020

Maria B’s Eid collection in 2020 was unbelievably beautiful; it had all those amazing designs and categories. With fascinating prints and attractive colors, Maria B Eid collection 2020 includes various categories, such as unstitched collection, stitched collection, casual collection and Formal Eid collection Maria B.

Maria B Eid collection 2020 with price

Maria B Eid collection, the price range varies with the delicacy of the dresses and intricacy of the designs on them, the Maria B festive and formal collection ready to wear price starts from the mid to expensive range. The eid collection 2020 is available at discounted prices also.

Maria B Eid collection Replica

Maria B has a vast variety of beautiful and fancy clothes, which are affordable for some people, but some people cannot easily afford them.

Different local Pakistani stores and some online stores produce original replicas of these collections of Maria, which is almost half of its original price, people who are unable to afford the high prices of Maria B designer dresses buy these replicas, and it does not even show that it is a replica dress and not the original one.

Maria B Eid collection Online

Maria B also launches its Eid collection online, on every Eid. The collection of dresses is the same as what is available in the stores, there are options to select the dress's color and size, and a person can easily order a dress from their online store.

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