Maria B Kids

Maria B, a Pakistani designer famous for its luxury Pret wear. The brand deals in heavy embellished and embroidered clothes made for special occasions like Eid, weddings etc. These clothes are not ideal for daily wear as they are very fancy and have sequins and pearls on it. They are specially designed to be worn at parties and functions. Previously, this brand's main target market was brides, but it has widened its horizon with time. Maria Butt, the company's founder, has introduced a new line of clothes for young girls. The dresses for the little ones are also designed for the same purpose, but the only difference is that they are a little less heavy and made in smaller sizes. Maria B's kid's collection is famous in popular kids' clothing.

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Maria B kids collection

Not many designers have expertise in this field (kids section) as the market is very limited, and it is very hard to satisfy kids. But Maria b has produced a lot of designs and launched a good range of variety for its young customers. All of these dresses are made after keeping these factors in mind:

  • The dresses to have light pastel colors on it to attract kids
  • Should be lightweight and does not have heavy work on it
  • Easy to carry
  • It must be based on breathable fabric. It is because kid’s skins are sensitive in nature, and harsh materials can cause skin related problems like rashes.

Hence, it is necessary to produce something that is safe to wear and is good looking at the same time.

Maria B kids collection 2020

Each year Maria b launches new cuts and designs in the kid's section as well. It is not just the adult's section that is updated from time to time but the designs made for a young girl too. These designs are promoted by choosing young models who would walk at the runway for the brand. 

This year too, Maria b released a separate collection for young girls irresponsive to the pandemic. The collection was launched and sold online. It was the Maria b kids Eid collection, and there were two collections for Eid.

One for Eid-ul-Fitr and the other for Eid-ul-Azha, respectively. The collection included ghararas (like all previous collections), embroidered neck shirts with colorful dupattas, peshwas style shalwar kameez, long fancy frill frocks, and much more.

Maria B wedding collection for kids

Ghararas is one specific dress style for the kid's section that is never discontinued by the brand. Every year there is some new variation and cuts introduced in it by the brand. This dress can not only be worn on Eid but at weddings as well. The other famous dress type for the wedding collection is Maria b kids’ lehenga.

As compared to the adult's lehnga, the kid's lehenga is not very heavy and does not even have a lot of heavy work on it. The Kam on it is purely machine-based and not handcrafted. It looks fancy and attractive; there are beads, and pearls attract to it. No such laces or items will be attached to the dress, which will increase its overall weight. 

Maria B Sale

Even though these dresses are made for kids ranging between 5 to 12 years old and require very less fabric and material, that does not mean that the brand will charge any less. The brand always maintains its profit markup no matter what. So what is the best way to save money and get your hands on the latest collection?

To shop at Maria b at the time of sale.

Every year there is the end of year sales where brands sell off their unsold inventory at low costs. They reduce their profit markup to get rid of the old stock. It is the best time to buy expensive, branded items and fill your wardrobe. Other sales time is the end of any season sale, and summer clearance sale or winter clearance sale for kids collection is also offered by Maria B.

To buy replicas

But the quality of the fabric is not guaranteed to be of good quality. It can wear out in the first wash. So whenever purchasing replicas, always try to invest in a cheaper one, even if it tears apart, you do not feel bad about spending too much on a single dress.

To get it stitched by your tailor

But that requires a lot of hard work and effort. You will have to look for the perfect matching dupatta, kameez and shalwar and then get some gootta work done on it, or tar work, or some other kind of fancy embellishments.

You may also be able to save some pennies through this process. However, it is very time-consuming. There is no still no guarantee that the dress will look the same as the dress you imagined (unless you find an experienced tailor who is excellent at his work).

You can get the dresses online on the official site of the brand and at Fashionista by Shoppingum, which has all the latest variety of all Pakistan brands for man, woman, and kids.