Maria B Lawn

Maria B is a clothing brand that exists in the Fashion industry of Pakistan for many years. Maria B is a clothing line owned by Maria Butt. It started in 1999 as a simple fashion shop, with great futuristic fashion ideas according to the desi trends. It has emerged as one of the leading names in today's fashion industry. Maria B has a big name when it comes to diversity in the field, so far, as long as we have seen the brand rise, it has always impressed the consumers with some very unique and impressive designs and work. Maria B is a true example of being up to the trends and providing the costumers with the best of everything that a brand possibly can. Its lawn collection in the summer season is demanding and has most sales.

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Maria B Lawn 2020

In recent years, we have seen some very impressive work from Maria B, and their lawn collection, if not the best, is one of the best now that you can avail on the market. Unique designs, elegant looks, impressive and beautiful colors of the suits. The stitched and unstitched Collection of the Lawn for 2020 from Maria B is very impressive, so far, one of the best available on the market.

Lawn Collection 2020

The lawn collection of Maria B for 2020 is a very impressive dressing line, having very simple yet one of the most elegant looks that a brand can provide the costumers with. The lawn dresses that are perfect to wear in the summer heat, the humid weather of the region, Maria B lawn ensures the easy to wear and the next level of comfortable fabric for the wearers. 

In the Collection of 2020’s Lawn, the light colors like yellow, peach, blue and many more have attained the spotlight in the overall Collection.

For example, the articles like Unstitched Peach and Chata Patti, the unstitched Emerald Green article, the Mustard Suit that is stitched, Suit Blue stitched have been some of the best-selling products from the overall product line of Lawn from Maria B for the 2020 collection.

Maria B lawn 2020 with price

Maria B lawn collection 2020 has seen a very slight but visible change of prices in its recent Collection. That is dependent upon many factors, obviously the way markets, industries have suffered economically in the Pandemic, and everyone has to cover up their name with something. 

But all of this does not mean a compromise in the quality of the fabric, the suits provided by the designer and Maria B are still one of the best brands to wear out there on the market. The average price ratio of the 2020 lawn collection, unstitched from Maria B, falls in between medium to high range products.

Their famous article of unstitched Lawn called EL-20-01 Aqua Blue and Coffee is up for sale. This article of the unstitched Lawn is a very beautiful one when it comes to the looks. With the price a bit on the upper side of the general price curve on the market, an elegant article.

The article Lawn D-2002-B is a stylish article in demand. This one is upon the sale of 15% on Maria B store and is currently one of the best-selling articles from the 2020 lawn collection.

The shirt and trousers both have a long baggy proportion if we consider the looks. The blue color printed top with a white baggy trouser that has a very classic look looks very elegant and has a great fall on the body, and the fabric itself feels very comfortable to wear.

Maria B lawn Eid Collection 2020

The Maria B lawn collection for Eid 2020 offered by Maria B has something to it. And literally, we mean something, the bold fashion statements by Maria B have always been in the spotlight.

The Collection for Eid 2020 was one of a kind that we can look for from a designer. Heavy embroidery, lightweight fabrics, elegant looks, you name it, and they have that attribute.

For example, the Green Lawn from Maria B for Eid 2020 was one of the designer's best-selling articles. The dark green colored shirt with a bit of net fabric on the bottom with a violet-colored dupatta and a pair of trousers with white, black and beige color lining was one of the best articles from Maria B this Eid.

Maria B Embroidered Lawn

The suit yellow has a light yellow overall shade, with a light embroidery in lines that go from the top to the bottom of this dress's shirt. It has a matching trouser as well, and the dupatta is a sea green colored, lightweight cloth with heavy embroidery on the edges. It overall has a very simple and elegant look. 

The suit Ferozi DW-EA20-32 is a Turquoise colored lawn suit from Maria B 2020 Eid Collection.

The suit has a very lightweight look overall. With floral print on the bottom of the shirt, the dupatta is also a light Turquoise colored with floral printed embroidery all around it. This article's price was a bit on the upper side; this was available for 2020 Eid on a sale of 20%.

Maria B Lawn 2020 Replica

Maria B 2020 Lawn collection replicas are also available in the market; for the consumers with a budget buying preference, the replicas can make a great choice if they want the same great looks of the designer wear but at a lower cost.

The replicas are easily available in many stores around the cities in most of the fabric shops. The article of the Maria B Red length Lawn suit for 2020 has a master class replica available on the market at a lesser price, while the original article, which is expensive, is available at the original store.

 Maria B Lawn 2020 with Price in Pakistan

Maria B is a designer brand with its stores worldwide now. In Pakistan, the lawn collection's general prices for 2020 can easily fall somewhere in mid to high-range exorbitant ensembles.

The reason for the higher-end prices are the fabric material; the fabric used by Maria B is of great quality with a great sense of finishing, the styling, embroidery, prints on the fabric are also very unique and give out a distinctive look when you wear them.

While the price ranges may be high for the Maria B lawn collection for 2020 in Pakistan, almost everyone is still liked. And of course, if you are getting good grade stuff for a high price, you won’t mind buying it as the quality speaks for itself and nobody minds paying a bit high for something that looks great on you.

The lawn collection 2020 by Maria B has pricing for every article depending upon the dress's styling, the embroidery is done, and the depth of the prints. 

Maria B Lawn Collection Online

The Maria B lawn collection is also available online on Maria B's official website, its online store. And many other renowned online stores sell this Lawn with all the categories included. Fashionista by shoppingum is Pakistan's largest online shopping store, which provides this Collection on its online store.