Maria B Sale

Maria B is a renowned brand, which was created by a Pakistani textile designer named Maria Butt. Maria B is a famous brand in Pakistan, but it is famous worldwide, and people love its collection by their hearts. Maria B is an amazing brand having fabulous and fascinating products in its collection, undoubtedly and the casual clothing of Maria B brand is also a bit exorbitant. The festive collection of Maria B is more than this. This brand is not always easily accessible by everyone, but the elite class can afford it easily. This brand has amazing winter and summer sales on each and every category of its collection, such as the category of kids, Women stitched and unstitched. Price decreases to 30-50 percent off when the collections are offered at sale. It also has a big online store, making it easy for customers to buy products by simply sitting at home, it has a different online collection sale, and the time period for sales on the other outlets is different.

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Price Range

Rs. 109

Rs. 235000

Maria B's sale is considered a very big sale of the year because it does not happen often, and the regular prices of the clothing items of Maria B are high compared to the other clothing brands. The sale of Maria B occurs in different categories of its collection.

The sale occurs at the starting of a season and ending a season or on all the religious festivals. The sales percentage is according to the period; the highest percentage does not last very long, whereas the lowest percentage of sales does last longer.

Seasonal Sale

As Maria B sales start at the start of every season and the end of every season, the starting season sale occurs in different months; the summer season sale begins in April and ends at the end of May. The spring season sale starts somewhere between August and September and does not last long.

The autumn season sale occurs somewhere between October and November and ends very quickly as the season does not remain long. The winter season sale occurs in December-January and ends in the last of January.

The deal in summers and winters is around 50 percent discount, and 20 to 30 percent off in the rest of the month.

Maria B Sale 2020

Maria B's sale in 2020 occurred at the start of the year 2020, in January. It was the Maria B winter sale, which had the most beautiful collection of warm clothes, with fascinating styles and designs.

The Maria B sale 2020 was up to 50 percent off on every item, and all the clothing items were less than their original prices. The sale occurred on various categories of its collection, such as Women, Kids, Unstitched, and ready to wear collection.

Maria B Sale 2020 with Price

Maria B brand's regular prices are very high; compared to the other regular brands in Pakistan, Maria B comes in one of Pakistan's most expensive brands.

The sale on the Maria B brand's casual wear for the year 2020 lowers the prices to some extent. For instance, if the sale is up to 50 percent off, then the prices of casual wear are in the different price range for the ready to wear collection.

The Prices for the unstitched Collection casual dresses also lowers a bit. When the sale is offered, the prices become very low, and fashion lovers grab the collections at this time.

The sale on Festive Collection and the formal wear also decreases the price to some extent. The ready to wear formal dresses prices in the sale are from medium to high prices. Yes, this brand is way too expensive and unaffordable for some people, but also, it has a beautiful garment collection, with fascinating designs and eye-catching bright colors.

Maria B Kids Sale

Maria B's kid's sale also occurs every year at the start and end of every season. In honor of all those religious festivals, the sale is not only limited for the Maria B women collection, but it has also occurred in the Maria B kids collection.

 The small girl’s clothes with beautiful designs and eye-catching bright prints and colors are available. The Maria B kid's sale also has various categories, such as casual wear for the little girls and fancy clothing for the little girls.

The sale on casual wear for kids drops down from the price of medium-range to high range, the simple and elegant beautifully designed clothes for kids are easily accessible when in the sale.

Maria B unstitched collection sale

Maria B sale on the unstitched collection occurs with the ready to wear sale. Both Pret and unstitched sales are offered mostly at the same time. Unstitched clothes have various categories, which are mentioned below.

  • Embroidered Unstitched
  • Lawn Unstitched
  • Sateen Unstitched
  • Linen Unstitched
  • Silk Unstitched
  • M Prints unstitched

Sale on Embroidered Collection

The Maria B embroidered collection is one of the most beautiful and elegant collection in all the categories of the Unstitched Maria B collection. The Price range of these embroidered beautiful dresses is expensive. When the sale has occurred on this collection, the price range drops down

Sale on Lawn Collection

The Lawn collection is the most, simplest collection of the brand Maria B having the most simple and elegant clothes and designs.  They have vibrant and eye-catching prints and colors, which make them look so much elegant. The price range of these lawn Unstitched clothes starts from around high range, without a sale. When there is a sale on this collection, the price drops down to the medium range.

Sateen Unstitched

Sateen is a fabric made up of pure cotton, and it is considered one of the most comfortable fabric materials. Sateen unstitched collection is made with bright colors and beautiful floral prints and solid colors with amazing designs. The Price range of these Sateen dresses starts from high prices, and when there is a sale on this collection, the price comes down.

Linen Unstitched Collection

Linen is a comfortable fabric material, and women love to wear dresses made up of these fabrics; these garments are especially used in winter. They are also one of the most comfortable fabric materials in all; the unstitched Linen collection's price range starts from mid-range. And with sales, its price comes down. And this price is considered to be reasonable for most of the women in Pakistan.

Silk Unstitched collection

The silk is a warm and comfortable fabric to wear, but most often, it is worn by women on festivals and different occasions; it has a beautiful fall and elegant design. Maria B presents the Silk unstitched collection very beautifully. These silk dresses' price range is high, as these are stylish and of most high-quality silk. And the embroidery on silk also makes it more expensive, which is available at an affordable price when at the sale of up to 20 to 30 percent off.

M prints Unstitched collection

M prints are the beautifully and elegantly designed prints of Maria; these are called M prints as they are simple and casual prints presented by MARIA B. These prints are reasonable and can be affordable for the majority of people. The Price range is medium to high in regular. It drops down when they are presented in the sale.

Maria B Ready to wear sale

The ready-to-wear Collection, Maria B collection falls into two main categories that include the Eveningwear and casual wear; the Evening wear dresses are the formal dresses and used to wear, especially at the festivals, parties and occasions. The ready to wear evening collection's prices are high, whereas, on sale, the prices are offered at discounted rates.

Maria B sale online with price

Maria B has an online store, which has all the categories that are being found in the outlets of Maria B. the women collection, the kid's collection, the formal collection, the ready to wear collection, the unstitched collection, casual wear, etc. the categories are in sequence on the online stores and makes online shopping very much easier.

The online sale occurs other than the sales on the outlets; the sale percentage is also different in both the online stores and the original outlets. The Price range for the articles showed online, is the same as in the outlets; the price of every article depends on the percentage of the sale that has been occurred.

Maria B's sale online helps most people find and buy clothes by simply sitting at home, and they find it at less price than in the outlet, as the sale time period is different online and in the outlets of this brand.

It makes it easier for a lot of customers to shop online instead of driving to their nearest outlet of Maria B. Fashionista by shoppingum and has all the variety of Maria B clothing. Here, you can get the information regarding the sales of all Pakistani brands also.