Nishat Linen Eid Collection

Nishat Linen is a clothing brand that came into being in the year 1992. This brand was operated by Naaz Mansha, who is a Pakistani Textile designer. Nishat linen launches, beautiful and exciting clothing items every year, the collection comes depending on the seasons, and different festivals like Eid. It launches its most amazing and fascinating collection two times a year, before both of the Eid festivals.  The quality of the fabric used in the fascinating designed dresses is outstanding. Nishat Eid collection is based on various categories, of dresses designs and fabric material. These dresses are available in multiple designs at stores and online.

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Nishat linen Eid Collection 2020

Nishat linen launches its superb fascinating dresses every year on Eid; it also launched its fantastic collection in the year 2020. the Nishat linen Eid collection 2020 had extremely decorated and amazing clothing items, there was also a big sale on Eid as it happens at every festival.

The Nishat linen 2020 collection included the clothes not only for women but also for men and the kids; it also launched one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece apparel. 

Each and every dress and their designs have a unique color combination and style. Some of the clothes are casual, and some are included in the festive Eid collection. The designs are alluring and mind-blowing and catch the attention of the viewer.

Nishat linen Eid Collection 2020 with price

Nishat Linen is a renowned brand, and it surely has many followers, it also has the category of casual wearing, which are reasonable and affordable for all the people. But some of its collections are formal and festive collections, which are undoubtedly fascinating and beautiful collections but are way too expensive and unaffordable for some people out there in Pakistan.

Nishat linen Eid collections, mostly have a sale on them, in honor of the religious festival, so that most of the people could buy it. Nishat linen 2020 Eid collection has different prices for the unstitched collection and the ready to wear collection. The price range varies with the pieces of apparel; it increases with the increase in the pieces of product.

The unstitched collection price range varies for the two-piece apparel and depends upon how decorated the fabric is. The prices for three-piece apparel is different as compared to the two-piece apparel.

Nishat linen Eid collection 2020 sale

Nishat linen Eid Collection 2020 sale starts at the start of every launch of their collection and ends in about a month and a half, their sale also starts before every kind of festivals. For instance, EID ul Azha, EID ul Fitr, Independence day’ 14th august, and many other important days.

Their sales before the Eid festivals are around 20-30 percent off, and there Defense day sale is twenty-three percent off, their Independence day sale is about 20-40 percent off, The biggest sale starts when a season is ending, and it's known as "THE END OF THE SEASON SALE". In this sale, the sale rises to Flat 50 percent off, and people come in crowds to buy the products.

With the help of a sale every year, it helps those people to buy for them, who are living hand to mouth and it's hard for them to afford these expensive clothes without a sale. It becomes easier and more convenient for these people to buy some clothes for them. SALE IS ALWAYS GOOD!

Nishat linen Eid collection 2020 catalogue

Every brand launches their catalogues to make it progress more, Nishat linen has also launched its catalog, it’s the first catalogue. It was launched a few years back. The Nishat Linen Eid collection 2020 catalogue is beautifully designed and created; it has given more innovations in colors to make the dresses look attractive.

With a beautifully enlarged picture of the dress, there are details written about the color, designs, and measurements of the dresses. The 2020 Eid catalogue is designed beautifully and affectionately; it catches the attention of the viewer every time.

Nishat linen Eid collection ready to wear

Nishat linen ready to wear eid collection is available online and at the Nishat linen outlets. Their ready to wear collection includes formal and casual dresses; they are divided into different categories which include single piece shirt, two-piece apparel, and three-piece apparel.

The formal ready to wear dresses are more decorated and embellished, whereas the casual Eid collection comes in printed and simple embroidered dresses.

Nishat linen two pieces ready to wear

The two-piece ready to wear dresses includes the shirt and trouser, or it could be a shirt or dupatta. The two-piece apparel comes in different categories, such as embroidered two-piece collection, formal two-piece collection, and casual two-piece collection.

Nishat linen three-piece collection

Nishat ready to wear three-piece collection is expensive as compared to the two-piece apparel, it comes with a shirt, dupatta, and trouser. It also comes in elegant designs such as embroidery, printed, networked, and many more.

Nishat linen Eid collection Unstitched

Nishat linen Eid collection unstitched is based on beautiful and eye-catching prints, with beautiful and alluring floral and digital patters, embellished with the machine and hand embroidery to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

Just as the Nishat ready to wear Eid Collection, the Nishat Unstitched collection also falls on to some categories which include, two-piece and three pieces of unstitched fabric. 

Nishat Linen Eid collection men

Nishat linen not only has fascinating and beautiful designs for women, but they also have a section reserved for men, Nishat men collection mainly includes the unstitched fabric for full men suit, the quality of the material is absolutely amazing and smooth, and it is comfortable to wear.

Nishat Eid kids Collection

As Kids are always the most excited about these festivals, Nishat linen helps in making their Eid more exciting and fabulous with their Kids Eid collection.

It has an Eid collection for both boys and the girls, there are incredibly amazing and elegant designed kurta's for the little girls, and Kurtas for the little boys.

Nishat linen has progressed too much in its field and has like more than 70 outlets all over in Pakistan. Nishat Linen is also known to be famous outside Pakistan and is extremely liked all over the world, and men, women, and kids collection are available there.

Nishat linen Online

Nishat Linen is also available on the online stores; it makes it a lot easier for the customers to buy online from the store instead of going and buying it far from your house, the easiest way is to get it delivered to your place. 

The Nishat linen online sale is also considered to be the most exciting part, the sales on the outlets and the online stores occur differently, the dresses displayed on the online stores and the outlets also differ sometimes.

Online stores have divided sections for women, men, and kids department, the prices are mentioned right below the product; each product has a detailed description given about its color size and length. It makes it easier to select the color and size and get it delivered to your home. Fashionista by shoppingum is a platform that has all the latest collections of Nishat Linen.