Nishat Linen Winter Collection

Nishatlinen is a Pakistani clothing line that offers Pret wear and unstitched garments. It is a Lahore based brand and has its outlets all across the country. The brand is one of the bestselling firms in Pakistan. Its clothing collection ranges from luxury attires to casual wear. It is because of the trendiest cuts and designs the brand has to offer. Nishat is known for its newest style range. The company always has something new to offer to its clients, unlike other brands that stick to the safe side and do not experiment with new looks. Nishat linen winter collection is a hit every year, and this year it is expected to break sale records. The summer, winter, festive, and all collections are available at stores and online.

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Nishat Linen 2020

Due to technological advancement and many businesses started operating online. Nishat also carries forward the same approach. All the newly manufactured clothes were launched on the brand's official website. Summer Eid Collection was the star collection out of all the other collections, but the Nishat linen 2020 winter collection is going to be in high demand this year.

Nishat introduced skin light fabrics, and delicate embellishments on the dresses, making it easy and comfortable for the customers to carry. The collection also generated a good sum of revenue.

People loved the dresses and found the designs amazingly breathtaking. The brand is also not massive on the wallet; it does not require a large sum of the budget when buying its products, unlike other brands like others.

Nishat linen Sale

The brand also has very adaptive and flexible policies to ease our customers' shopping experience. The brand offered a special Nishat linen sale on its newly launched items. The Eid collection was sold at a discounted rate.

Nishat also, in the previous years, provided its loyal customer with the facility of a loyalty card, where customers used to get 20% off on all newly purchased items. And that one card was sufficient enough to be used all across the country in any Nishat outlet. Nishat linen winter collection sale is offered in November.

Nishat linen winter collection

Last year Nishat introduced shawls in its winter collection. None of its competitors did this before. Everyone focused on producing warm clothes, but no one targeted the shawl market. Previously Pakistani women had to go to bazaars in search of shawls and winter chaddars, but Nishat got it all covered. The shawl range was very exquisite and was available in these colors:

  • Maroon
  • Dark green
  • Brown
  • Navy blue

The material used for shawls were velvet. A few of them had some golden embellishment and embroidery on it, giving it a fancy look. Winter brides in Pakistan usually like to complete their look by adding a velvet shawl to it. This gives off a royal and regal look to the bride and her overall look by bridal shawls.

Nishat linen winter collection 2020

Like every year, customers are desperately waiting for the Nishat linen winter collection 2020, because they know this time too something unique will be released like all the previous years. Also, there is a high possibility of Nishat linen winter collection 2020 sale happening this year.

Since Nishat is a customer-oriented business, it prioritizes its customer's needs and demands more than its profit markup. But that does not mean the prices charged will be very low or highly unbelievable. The goods will be sold at a cheaper rate but will still be considered expensive.

Nishat linen winter collection 2020 with price

As seen from the above discussion and previous year’s price range, customers should not expect very low price ranges from the upcoming winter collection as well. Though customers have very high hopes, everything is uncertain and very unpredictable in Pakistan's fashion industry.

Nishat has also not very much disclosed any highlights from its upcoming winter collection, so to comment on anything will not be right and justified. But this collection will grab the attention of fashion women just like every year.

Nishat winter collections accessories

But what can customers do? Everyone is impatient these days. So here is how one can get a hint of the upcoming collection by looking at the previous one and guess what the brand could launch next.

In previous winters, Nishat not only gained the highlight because of its shawls but seek everyone's attention because of the very versatile accessory range is introduced. These included:

  • Earnings
  • Necklaces
  • Handbags
  • Clutches
  • Rings
  • Studs
  • Phone cases
  • Shoes
  • Sunglasses

And whatnot. A new fragrance line could be expected from Nishat this year in winter since almost all of its competitors introduced perfume.

Nishat’s winter collection of past years included shirts of all lengths. Some were of knee lengths, while others were of shorter lengths. Customers also have the freedom to design the clothes themselves by purchasing the unstitched items. 

The very evident feature of the winter collection was the frills and laces used in the dressmaking. Almost every other dress or dupatta had frills at the end of it. The trousers again had a variety in them. Some were pants style; some were inspired by bell-bottoms, which means straighter from the upper section and gradually widening up as it reaches the lower section.

Nishat’s variety in the winter season

Nishat is one of the very few brands in Pakistan, which never compromises on its color ranges. An individual will find pastels, dark, hues, and every sort of color in any Nishat outlet.

Nishat was also the very first brand in Pakistan, which introduced digitally printed shirts, which is now very commonly found in every mall of Pakistan as Nishat has various outlets nationwide.

The company also sells stoles, trousers, and shirts separately for people who wish to mix and match colors or do not like buying a full three-piece suit. Winter collection three-piece suits will also have a wide variety. Moreover, the brand offers different sizes for the same article as well. The sizes offered are:

  • Extra small (Xs)
  • Small (s)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)

Nishat winter accessories and collections available online

The very popular Nishat's winter accessory is its shrugs. Though it comes under Pret's heading, wear it is an extra piece of article that people wear to personify their personality and keep themselves warm. Shrugs have been in fashion for a long time and are a big fashion statement as well.

 Carrying it is very easy, but not carrying and styling it properly may lead to some fashion disasters. Customers are advised to wear a plain shirt underneath a shrug. Never wear a patterned shirt beneath it. This will destroy the entire look. Pair it with a belt and some jeans. 

A pro tip: always remember to wear the same color belt and shoes, do not mix and match colors, and do not try to pair it with a similar-looking shade.

For example: do not wear an orange belt with red shoes or yellow shoes. If the belt is orange, try to look for orange shoes, and if not accessible, then eliminate the belt. Don't risk the whole look just for a belt.

These may be some very small things but have a lot of importance in the fashion world. Another and essential tip is never to try to look for other affordable brands.

Check out their collections too and then try to mix and match brands. It not necessary to buy the trouser from the very same brand you purchased the shirt from. Get the latest variety of Nishat linen through their online website. Fashionista by shoppingum is a unique platform for fashion lovers where all the latest variety of Pakistani brands are available online.