Sapphire Lawn

Sapphire is a clothing line run by Nabeel Abdullah in Pakistan. It was founded six years ago but has begun to gain success in recent years. The brand has continued to flourish in the fashion industry since then and has made its place in the market. The only concern its customers has is the prices charged by the brand. Sapphire deals in luxury wear to casual wear items. Their dresses are usually on the fancier side, which has some embellishments and motifs on it. The company excels in producing the latest designs and cuts in its collection. The brand’s lawn collection is also specially designed for formal to semiformal events and not for house wears (daily wear). This is the reason why the prices charged by the company is high.

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Sapphire Lawn 2020

Sapphire’s lawn collection is purely made to target the elite in the society who can afford such expensive articles made solely out of the lawn. As on the contrary lawn is a very inexpensive fabric and is easily accessible all across Pakistan in different bazaars and markets. But people who wish to stay in fashion and are eager to follow the latest trends and styles opt for such brands like Sapphire.

The currently available sapphire lawn collection 2020 is the volume 2 range. All the dresses in this range are unstitched and are either two-piece or three-piece suits. The entire collection is further divided into 4 subsections, which are:

  • Daily casual wear
  • Pop wear
  • Classic wear
  • Signature wear

Casual wear

The dresses designed in this section are appropriate for daily wear purposes as the name suggests but are also appropriate for formal gatherings like hi-teas, formal lunch, or shopping sprees. The fabrics and designs available under this category are plain and have no heavy work on it, but it is the design that gives an uber-chic look to the outfit.

Although the customer has full liberty of designing the dress the way they like and prefer in stitching, these unstitched fabrics are specially manufactured for formal to casual events. There are a total of 26 latest designs of dresses in this section, and all of them are either two pieces or three-piece unstitched suits. All these lawn dresses are made sophisticatedly.

Some two pieces have dupattas with the shirt while some have the trouser cloth with it. Mostly all designs have printed galas on them, which is a perfect style statement for adult women. The sleeves are also not kept plain but printed designs on it to enhance the overall look of the dress. The dupattas fabric provided in this range are:

  • Lawn
  • Chiffon
  • Fine voile
  • Textured voile

Pop Wear

This group of dresses is specially designed for women who are not afraid to wear bold colors and ready to experiment with new looks. There are a total of 9 items in this section. The designs in this range are comparatively different than the other section, and bright colored lawn short shirts and Kurtis are the most common attire for girls. Here the patterns are different and unique.

Something not usually opted by women. It is only a hand full of people who prefer wearing such items; hence this range consists of very few dresses as well. This collection is an abstract piece of art, meaning the designs imprinted on the shirts and dupatta pieces are distinctive and uncommon in the fashion industry. People who love to make a statement with their garments wear these outfits.

Classic Wear

This section is inspired by the conventional lawn, cotton, linen shalwar kameez. The designs are kept traditional and have a newer essence in it as well. The gala work in this range is heavier and has a more detailed neckline compared to the daily wear section. There are a total of 23 latest eccentric items in this range.

Classic wear has a blend of fabrics, a combination of different cloth materials. No single suit is solely made out of lawn because it is in combination with chiffon or any other fabric material. It is only the shirts that are made out lawn, the shalwar and dupattas are made out of cotton, and chiffon respectively.

The shalwar fabric provided in this range are kept plain and has no fancy borders on it. This is because the shirt pieces are already loaded with too much work, and prints that are adding designs furthermore would have ruined the entire look.

Signature Wear

This range consists of a total of new 28 items. The primary focus in these dresses is dark colors, mainly blacks, blues, and reds. This collection is slightly higher priced compared to the other 3. It is because the designs in this range constitute of sequins, motifs, and embellishments. Most of these are made in lawn and jacquard in the summer season.

This particular sort of work comes under the heading of occasional party wear dresses. These garments are a perfect fit for parties and other functions. Here it is not just the necklines that are embroidered but the dupattas and borders of shalwars too. Furthermore, the sleeves and Daman both are packed with glossy, shimmery designs.  

Sapphire lawn 2020 with price

As mentioned earlier that the price of the Sapphire lawn is comparatively more than other brands, but on the brighter side there is always the advantage of paying such a large sum of amount for a two-piece or three-piece suit. Lawn prints by sapphire are stylish and vibrant.

It is that the customer will not compromise on the quality of the dress. The fabric provided by the company will be of the finest quality. The material will not wear off after the first wash, nor will the fabric lose its shine or color after the first wash. 

This is the very benefit of buying from big brands instead of local retailers. As the locally purchased goods have no guarantee and the seller will not provide any exchange or return policy in case of defaulted products. But brands like Sapphire not only provide after-sales service to its customers but offer its loyal customer a discount percentage.

The regular customers get a good amount of discount, and their feedback is taken into account. The company works on its weakness and strive for improvement. It is not just done to attract more consumers but to increase the reputation and goodwill of the firm in the market.

Sapphire Sale

The best time to get your hands on this exquisite collection of sapphire is to wait for the sapphire lawn sale to happen. It is also known as the end of the season sale which happens twice a year. One when summers are ending, and winters are coming (the summers leftover stock is put up for sale); and second when winters are ending, and summers are about to start, (the winters leftover stock is put up for sale).

This sale is a clearance sale, done in an attempt to empty out the warehouse so that enough space is made to store the upcoming collection. For a single good customers have to spend around thousands which is relatively much expensive than other clothing brands in the country. And on sale, the prices are low and affordable. 

Save these dates for Sapphire Sale and Discounts.

Sales also mostly happen on national holidays like Independence Day, Resolution day, Labor Day, and occasions which are celebrated nationally throughout the country. Religious occasions like Eid are not a suitable time to fill in your wardrobe as the collection is newly launched, and the prices charged will not be lowered any time soon. 

So act smart these days and shop after Eid ends. This way you will not save a lot of money but may be lucky enough to avail a discount too. This is because there are 2 Eids celebrated in Pakistan; hence two different collections are launched prior to Eid.

Sapphire lawn online shopping

Going to malls to physically shop your favorite item is now considered as an old method of shopping. People now prefer to shop online as it not only saves time but also saves money too (transportation expense). Individuals can now surf through the internet in search of the desired good, instead of roaming from one shop to another to find the most likable item.

Since lawn the ladies in Pakistan very much demand lawn because of its cooling capacity and skin light material there is a high risk of the brand running out of stock in no time. As the demand is high and supply is less, there is a huge possibility of not getting your hands on your favorite article. This is when online shopping comes to rescue.

You can find all the latest collection on the brand's official website or can shop through Fashionista. A website runs by Shoppingum where you will find all the latest collection of all the famous brands and all specific lawn collections also.

The advantage of using this platform for online shopping like Fashionista is that it provides customers with one single platform to compare and choose the single or multiple best items out of the many other options available. The customer no longer has to struggle between different websites or brands in search of the newest collection, as it can easily be done at one individual forum.