Sapphire Winter Collection

Sapphire is a textile brand of Pakistan famous among the elite and upper-middle-class women. A specific group of individuals only wears the brand because of its highly-priced items. Each year the company launches two significant collections, summer and winter collection respectively. Winters are around the corner so our primary focus will be the winter range. Sapphire has continued to provide its customers with an equally ravishing and exquisite winter clothing line for the past five years. The benchmark this year is very high as well. It is because the fashion industry is very dynamic, and there are so many competitors in the market who are always in search of moments to drive others out of the industry. Sapphire winter collection is stylish and cosy. Hence it is essential for the brand to produce something that will not only help it to survive in the market but will help to gain a lot more customers for future growth and success. For such an approach, the brand has to make sure it manufactures something that attracts everyone or at least the majority so that it can generate a good amount of revenue and sales.

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Sapphire Winter Collection 2020

With every passing year, the stakes keep on rising even more. The competition increases, and so does the struggle of being the number one in the market. Like all previous years, people have high expectations from the brand this year too. Customers want something trendy and comfy at the same time. They are ready to spend a good amount on the dresses but will certainly not compromise on the quality of the items.

In every collection, there is one significant feature or style that is common throughout the range. Last year it was Sapphire's high necklines in its shirt pieces. It was so because high necks were trending at that time. The demand for high necks was still present in the early 2020s, but it majorly depends on the upcoming sapphire winter collection, which will be launched in September or in October.

This new collection will decide whether to make necklines out of fashion or let them stay in for a while or more in the industry. The new collection will not be restricted to garments and clothing items only, but new items will be launched in accessories, home linen and beauty department.

Sapphire Cosmetics in winter

There is a high possibility of a lot more products being released in the makeup line. In every season the cosmetics are also available. It has a face, lips, eyes and makeup tools. These may include:

  • Luminating moisturizer
  • Liquid highlighters
  • Shimmery glosses
  • Gel-based eyeshadows
  • Creamy blushes

And a lot more creamy stuff. All of these products have thick consistencies which can easily be worn in winters as in summers customer demands lightweight products, so the makeup does not wear off or smudge off if they sweat. 

Sapphire Shoes and Winter Accessories

For accessories, a new variety of shoes and handbags section is expected. The shoes may include:

  • High boots
  • High boot heels
  • Princetown loafers
  • Perspex heels

For bags, there is a hype going on for clear handbags. Multiple clothing brands have launched their version of clear bags. Sapphire may be next in line to do so.

Sapphire Home Items

For home linen, the fabric used for bedsheets will now be different from the summer collection range. The winter collection bedsheets will be based on warmer and thicker material. This is to keep the body warm and maintain body temperature. The fabric used will be:

  • Pure cotton
  • Jersey
  • Velvet (in certain cases)

Sapphire winter collection 2020 with price

To estimate the prices of the future winter collection launch may not be the right thing to do as this is a market where the price of a single product can change any time. Here everything depends on public demand. If the demand decreases, the prices will be lowered to increase sales, and if the demand increases for a certain good, the prices will shoot likewise.

The clothing business is an elastic business. Customers in this industry are super sensitive to prices. A slight increase in the price may cause a shift in sales. Customers may switch to other brands to save money.

Sapphire is one expensive brand which caters to those individuals only who have got a big budget to spend. The firm's products are overly priced, and thus only a small section of people purchase their items. But for people who are still willing to wear Sapphire, here is a great way to get your hands on your favourite item. Look out for Sapphire sale.

Sapphire Winter Collection Sale

Currently, the summer collection sale of 50% is ongoing. Winter Sale is also expected to be around 30 to 50% this year. Every brand puts up its clothes for the end of season sale. The discount offered at this time period is highly unbelievable. The discount rate may even escalate to up to 70% at times too.

The discount percentage is never certain and purely depends on the individual’s luck and stock, but the opportunity is worth taking. Another time when an individual can avail the sale is to look up for national holidays like Independence or Resolution day. On such occasions, brands offer a special discount in an attempt to show patriotism and love towards the nation.

Sapphire Online

Due to the ongoing situation of corona and heavy rainstorms in Pakistan, it isn't easy to physically visit a brand's outlet. The government of Pakistan has also warned civilians to take all the necessary precautions and stay indoors as much as possible. In such times online shopping comes to rescue. It is not only time saving as compared to the traditional method of shopping but is super convenient and ecofriendly as well.

Online purchase saves transportation expense, munching expense, mask expense and all the other expenses one would have to make if he/she went to shopping in person. Also, physically visiting the mall is exhausting as well. What is the benefit of taking an entire day off for shopping to later realize that the new collection is not available in stores?

Sapphire Online Store

Sapphire online store has made shopping easy. With the conventional method of shopping, the person is never sure of the release date of the new collection and thus will require the individual to continue visiting the shop until he/she finds the desired item. This whole process is not only time consuming but is very tiring as well.

The Winter collection will also be available at stores and online. With the help of a few clicks, the brand will also notify you with its updates on text messages and emails regularly; No matter if the individual is a regular customer or not. Before every new launch or sale, the customer will get a notification.

There are certain times when the brand runs out of stock in no time, and there are no further chances of restocking it. This is when online shopping websites comes handy. An online platform named Fashionista run by Shoppingum provides the latest collection of almost all Pakistani clothing brands. It is a single platform where an individual will find multiple brand's collections all at one place.