Velvet Dresses

Velvet dress gives a luxury and glamour look. Velvet dresses are preferred to be worn in winter season because it is a quite heavy and warm material which is perfect to be worn in cold weather. Velvet dresses are in many different styles and designs, and various designs from sequins, pearls, crystals, and stones could be made on this fabric. Velvet dresses are fancy and mostly worn at weddings or significant events in the winter season of Pakistan. Velvet shawls are also trending in Pakistan.

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Velvet is a type of woven, tufted fabric. It has a smooth and warm texture.  Pakistan has a variety of velvet dresses and is available at local retail stores and designer outlets. Pakistani dresses in online shopping are rapidly increasing.

Almost all brands have made their official online websites for the convenience of their consumers to shop at any time, and from anywhere, they can place an order for the new collection of velvet dresses.

Types of Velvet

Royal looked fabric "velvet" is available in different types, and the pure velvet is warm, which can only be worn in winter or at a cool place. Velvet has a soft, silky, and smoothes further type texture. The thin-type of velvet is trending nowadays, and fashion lovers are wearing them at weddings and parties. The types of velvet used to make velvet iconic dresses are as follows:

  • Rayon and Silk
  • Velveteen
  • Crushed
  • Panne
  • Corduroy
  • Brocade
  • Burnout
  • Embossed

All these types of velvet are available in Pakistan. The most commonly used velvet type is panne, and crushed velvet and brocade are also readily available. Whereas, rayon and silk velvet has the lush material and gorgeous shine within the material used to make drape velvet dresses.

Velvet dresses in Pakistan 2020

Top brands that have velvet collection for fashion consumers and the velvet dresses in Pakistan 2020 by designers like:

  • Gul Ahmed
  • Maria.B
  • Beejays
  • Anaya
  • Aamna Aqeel
  • Kalyan

Velvet dresses in Pakistan 2020 collections are available at other online stores New velvet collection with unique traditional embroidery is also available by most of the brands of Pakistan. Velvet dresses in Pakistan are available in a different price range like the designer dresses, or local retailers also make velvet trendy dress styles and designs.

Velvet dresses in Pakistan 2020 upcoming winter velvet collection are soon going to launch. Still, the designs are claimed to surprise the fashion enthusiasts as the velvet itself is a luxurious material, and when designed and styled uniquely makes the personality enhanced.

Velvet dresses in Pakistan are the best-styled dresses in women wardrobe, but men also wear velvet waistcoats or sherwanis as per the latest trends. The exquisite look of these velvet dresses in Pakistan makes the gatherings more traditional with a modish elite classy look.

All Pakistani fashion lovers and enthusiasts and Pakistani living abroad also waits for the latest collections of velvet dresses in Pakistan so they all of them can enjoy the perks of the fashionable dress of velvet. The cut-work has done on it also looks fabulous, and most of the girls prefer that.

Velvet dresses Pakistani

Velvet dresses Pakistani collection has vivacious designs, and beautifully embellished bunches on velvet made the dress looks more phenomenal. Velvet dresses Pakistani are:

  • Gowns
  • Maxi
  • Frocks
  • Sharara
  • Gharara’s shirt
  • Short or long embroidered shirts with trousers
  • Simple plain colored velvet shirt
  • Upper velvet front open gown

Velvet is a classy and stylish fabric, and it is warm, so mostly preferred in winters. People usually wear it in a winter wedding in Pakistan, and nowadays brides also wear velvet dresses in their winter wedding. Velvet gives an elite look, and it has various varieties.

Velvet dresses Pakistan have a vivid collection for every winter season, and velvet winter collection 2020 is soon going to be grand-launched. Brocade, crushed, and panne velvet dress material is the most readily available fabric, and designers also prefer these velvet material to make the snazzy dresses.

Velvet dresses for girls

Velvet Dresses for girls are usually the frock designs, embroidered velvet shirts, velvet maxis, and gowns, etc. Velvet Dresses for girls are made in vibrant and elegant colors, and the crystal, sequins, stonework on velvet also looks luxurious and gives a lavish stance.

Latest velvet dresses for girls are for not only for the winter season. Still, they can also be worn in spring as the light velvet fabric is preferred by the girls in other seasons. In winter, pure velvet dress also looks astonishing because the need to wear a howdy, jacket, or sweater is not necessary due to the warmness of the velvet itself.

Velvet dresses for boys

Velvet waistcoats with shalwar kameez are trending in the traditional parties, occasions, or at the wedding of Pakistan. Boys generally wear it in nikkah, mehndi and wedding type functions whereas, groom’s velvet sherwanis are also trending with collar embroidery and pocket bunch.

Velvet shawls and velvet dupattas

Trending velvet shawls and velvet dupattas make the dress stunning and give an amazing look to the appearance of a person who carries it. Velvet embroidered shawls are available in different colors and designs, and taar work like the traditional thread embroidery is done on it.

Fashion lovers follow the trend of wearing velvet shawls, which are up till now trending in Pakistan in the winter season. The combination of plain silk or any material shalwar kameez or Kurti shalwar with velvet shawl or dupatta makes the dress looks elegant and stunning at the same time.

Latest velvet dress collection 2020

The top and trending latest velvet dress collections 2020 by expert designs or local dresses give a magnificent charm to the dresses to enhance the personality up to the desired level. The latest and trending velvet dresses consist of the designs which are contemporary and conventional at the same time, and these styles are as follows:

  • Velvet Frocks: Winter velvet dress designs and latest trend collection of velvet is velvet frocks that are available in different styles like the short length frock or long, full-length velvet frock. Velvet frocks are available online also, and the voguish designs made with buttons, lace, embroidery, crystals, pearls, and copper wire work makes the frock elegant.
  • Black Velvet Dresses: Black velvet dresses are trending as the color looks more sophisticated and stylish on young girls and teens, and they usually wear black velvet dresses in parties or weddings to look stunning.
  • Velvet Maxi Dresses: Maxis looks fashionable on girls, and velvet maxi dresses are stylish yet snazzy. These are available by different retailers, usually in the winter season or available at niche shops with specific velvet fabric and its collections in Pakistan. The velvet maxi dresses are generally worn in parties, or a get together because of the formal fancy glimpse.
  • Velvet shirts: Latest velvet shirts embellished with Kaam or embroidery are trending, and unique designs of velvet shirts are created by the designers and the upcoming collection of velvet shirts by designers which are going to launch in the winter season are claimed to be the most uniquely designed shirts as per designers. 

Velvet dresses designs

Velvet dresses designs are created magnificently and in an ultra-modern way as per the trend. The girls generally love the velvet dresses in one color, but in contrasts, the trousers and pants look cool and classy. The flourishing velvet dresses designs created by the designers include embroidery and Kaam on velvet robes, shirts, gowns, or sharara.

Velvet party dresses

Velvet is generally worn at parties or in get-togethers or weddings in Pakistan, and the pretty velvet party dresses are worn in winter season mostly. Velvet party dresses make the lavish and stunning stylish glimpse at the party.

Velvet frock designs in Pakistan

Velvet frock designs in Pakistan are toe length dresses in an embellished bodice and plain velvet material in the lower long frock dress for the bottom. The other velvet frock designs in Pakistan are the frocks made with one color velvet material and engraved with Kaam or copper-wire thread work or crystals, pearls, sequins, and Dori, lace and Dabka Kaam.

Online velvet dresses Pakistani

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