Wedding Dresses

The wedding dresses in Pakistan are so heavy like for brides that these are not worn anywhere else by the brides because that’s look over for other’s gatherings. People in Pakistan enjoy the wedding of their beloved ones to the fullest, especially the family member, relative and friends enjoy every bit of wedding ceremony with complete joy. In the same way like a bride and grooms enjoys it and for this everyone makes new wedding wear outfits to look astonished.

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Wedding or a marriage ceremony is celebrated in every culture with great enthusiasm. It is a lifetime event of joy as the memories of the wedding day always keep the memories refreshing for such a wonderful day. The bride and groom where they signed a marriage agreement and promises to be with each other happily-ever-after is the best event of life.

For a fantastic day like a wedding day, the most crucial consideration is the wedding dress. In Pakistan the wedding ceremony is not only celebrated alone there are a lot of more events to cherish for the wedding as per tradition and culture. Like in Pakistan before marriage functions like a bridal shower, nikkah, but mehndi functions are also celebrated before the wedding "Baraat” day.

Every girl wished to get married to their price charm and wanted to look like a princess at her wedding for that she always wanted to get the best and perfect wedding dress for herself that will give her a princess feel. The groom also wanted to look perfect on his wedding day to make his bride smile for him.

Wedding dresses are not a traditional dress for Pakistani brides it is considered to be the loveliest, touchy, emotional attached, full of love dress which a bride keeps for long and cherish the beautiful moment of her wedding day while looking at that dress.

Pakistani wedding dresses

Pakistani wedding dresses are designed with minute details as these have a significant influence to the whole event where everyone dressed-up ideally to look like a diva or a handsome hunk and gather the memories together on a wedding day at ceremony. Pakistan is known for its super amazing, loving culture where people value their families first, and the wedding is celebrated to the fullest to make a bride and groom feel unique and unusual.

Wedding dresses in Pakistan are mostly the shararas, peplums frocks with sharara, lehenga, Gharara, etc. which looks terrific on the bride and other girls. The wedding dress of a bride is usually red with a heavy dupatta to be carried n head as a veil. In contrast, other girls at wedding ceremonies also wear stylish and attractive attires in different colour combination.

Pakistani wedding dresses are embellished with heavy embroidery known as “Kaam.” Wedding dresses are uniquely designed with sequins, lace, Dabka, Gota, crystals, pearls, beads and pearls. The most unique and beautiful hand-made or machine-made designs are created on wedding clothes.

Wedding dresses for girls

Wedding dresses for girls are like brides, bridesmaids, friends, girls in family and relatives all wanted to look good at a wedding and prefer to choose a perfectly fitted and suited wedding dress for themselves. Pakistani weddings are a joy for the whole family, and the pre-wedding preparations are started before a year of the marriage most probably.

The shopping like dress selection for the wedding ceremony is a bit complicated for all because these are the decisions for life. The dress is what represents a person's personality, and on the wedding day, everyone wishes to be designated as the prettiest.  Wedding dresses for girls also consists of saris, gowns, frocks, maxis, shalwar kameez embellished with unique pastel colour beads or matching crystals, sequins, etc.

Pakistani wedding dresses 2020

Pakistani wedding dresses 2020 collection has the most latest and trendy bridal wear dresses. Like most common is the red sharara with red long and heavy embellished long frock type shirt, velvet gowns for upcoming winter of 2020, light-weighted gowns, etc. The mostly used fabrics to make wedding dresses are:

  • Velvet shararas for wedding
  • Silk and net sharara and Ghararas
  • Banarsi and Jamawar lehengas
  • Organza material wedding wear dresses

A lot of different types of fabric is used to make astonishing wedding dresses for every event. Bridal shower event is for girls for whom designers have created a western maxi gown or a pant shirt theme. Everything looks good when a person feels comfortable in it and carries the wedding dress in the best way.

Pakistani wedding dresses 2020 are in resemblance with the 2019 dresses, but the designs are much unique and stylish than ever before. The new wedding dress collections created by Pakistani designers are exorbitant and marvelous. Wedding dresses 2020 the most stylish with the modern looks but traditional and conventional all in one wedding dresses won the hearts of the customers and viewers.

Pakistani wedding dresses with prices.

Pakistani people either belong to any class wants the best wedding outfit for themselves. Still, the most important thing to consider here is the budget which is fixed or slightly negotiable comes in mind. The bargaining is a must factor for customers in Pakistani, especially when they are shopping for a wedding because already a lot of money has to be invested in other wedding stuff also.

Pakistani wedding dresses with prices are the main concern while shopping wither in malls and markets or online. The online platforms have fixed prices mentioned on the official websites either of big and famous brands or the small brands, but the negotiation for wedding dress prices are made in malls and markets.

Stylish wedding dresses

The bride, as well as grooms, also look for their sexy wedding dresses to look gorgeous at their wedding and enjoy every bit of choosing the best sexy wedding dress journey. The complicated thing which hits the mind is mostly the price because what you love is not necessarily is under the budget and also the design or colour of the dress that's why people opt for a customized stylish and sexy wedding dress.

Wedding dresses for girls 2020 are more defined by the style and design and looks phenomenal. These dresses are attractive as the easy to carry dresses like an attached shirt with sharara looks fabulous. The design is like a long, full-length A-line heavy embroidered shirt embellished with crystals, pearls, sequins and stonework shirt along with bottom sharara looks lovely.

Simple wedding dresses are also preferred by brides to get the function as much as pure it could be to make a remarkable value to actual traditional wedding means which were simple and full of love. Simple wedding dress also shows the simplicity of life, which is to be followed and this direction for a new phase of life is always the most generous one indeed.

Wedding dresses for Boys

Wedding dresses for boys are the simplest ones, but in Pakistan the latest fashion of Pakistani wedding dresses for boys are:

  • Sherwani for groom
  • Kurta pyjama for boys along with a shawl
  • Waistcoat with kurta and pyjama
  • Shalwar Kameez
  • Coat pantsuit
  • Formal wedding wear shirt and pant

Groom usually wears Sherwani in Pakistani wedding, which is a conventional dress for grooms, and it is also made of a high-quality fabric of Banarsi or Jamawar, etc. with a little embroidery on it. Boys are also choosy nowadays for their dresses for significant events to get amazing pictures to make memories, and while looking good in a new dress, the event mesmerizes them.

Pakistani dresses for men are designed with minute details because men are really like a gentleman for their every work they want perfection. The Pakistani dresses for men are also created by designers and other retailers as per the latest trends and styles which they like.

Little girls and boys wedding dresses in Pakistan

Little girls wedding dresses in Pakistan are the cutest and attractive because these are traditional dresses with modern style like:

  • Girls fancy frocks
  • Maxis
  • Gowns
  • Sharara
  • Gharara
  • Lehenga

All these dresses are in trend and carried by sweet little princesses on the wedding of their beloved ones.

Little boys wedding dresses in Pakistan are also the most adorable outfits that make the little boy similar to groom and the dresses for these little young men are:

  • Sherwani like grooms
  • Kurta shalwar
  • Pant shirt
  • Cute Rompers for infants

All the little stars shine in the whole event by looking stunning and stylish.

Pakistani weddings are full of love, care, affection, joy, togetherness and memories. The rituals followed along with norms also the wedding dresses as per the culture and our traditions. Everyone shares and gathers a lot of wonderful family time moments from shopping until deciding the wedding date and the day of the wedding till the reception. After reception, parties, everything is simply amazing and beautiful in our Pakistan.

Availability of wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are not only available on the stores, malls or in markets but are now also available online for the convenience of the customers. Online platforms are formed for shopping where the designer wedding dress collections are also available, and everyone loves it as the description of the dress along with prices are mentioned on it.

Asim Jofa and Zainab Chottani are the two big names in the fashion designers industry of Pakistan, and these two have won millions of hearts. The wedding dresses offered by them are the most stylish and elegant one, and everyone adores it. Their wedding dress collection is now available on their official websites. And if you are looking for a desirable wedding dress do check their official websites, and also the online stores of other Pakistani retails which are selling the same copied designs even at low prices.