Western Dresses

Western dresses depict the culture of the west. Still, in Pakistan, the western dresses are made by considering our fashion industry where the fully covered ensembles with modern designs are made. The latest collections of western dresses usually updated throughout the year, like jeans, pants, shirts, polos, T-shirts, skirts, etc. Their contemporary designs make the fashion lovers fall for it. Fashion women go for a chic styled western ensemble that gives a formal, funky and classy look. The teens, girls, and boys usually wear western outfits in Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan designers make sure to make a unique western collection to satisfy their customers. These western dresses are available on designer outlets, retailer shops, and online platforms with different price ranges.

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Every now and then fashion trends change and people instantly jump unto the bandwagon especially girls and fashion bloggers.

The same is the case with a lot of people in Pakistan as well since we have this huge love for new fashion trends and we love to follow it no matter what!

If a question such as “what’s really new in fashion these days?” is asked, in the year 2020, the most possible answer is “EVERYTHING”! And literally it is quite true!

  • Almost every style,
  • Old Ripped Jeans
  • Loose t-shirts, and
  • Casual slippers

All of these things and much more are in fashion these days and it looks absolutely stunning when worn properly with an appropriate fashion sense!

Coming to the main topic of the article, this post talks about “western dresses in Pakistan”, as well as other countries and the latest fashion trends that are currently seen in this domain.

So, let’s get started!

Western Dresses for Girls

 Girls absolutely love dressing up no matter how old they get! Their love for:

  • New clothes
  • Sassy shoes
  • Sweet perfumes, and
  • Classy bags and watches

Just never dies. Rather with each year passing by, their craze also levels up one step higher and these women would rush for shopping no matter how hot or cold the weather outside is!

When it comes to western dressing, girls from all age groups in Pakistan like to wear western clothes and it is indeed surprising that how well they can all carry themselves, while looking absolutely stunning in them.

Some of the main categories of western wear for girls are as follows:

  • High waist Jeans
  • Skirts
  • Shrugs
  • Sleeveless top
  • Off-shoulder shirts
  • Jumpsuits
  • Mini-skirts
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts or Capri
  • Frocks and Tunics
  • Jackets
  • Cropped pants and the list goes on!

There is just too much variety for both, boys and girls in western dresses and it is really a very good thing for the fashion designers and also, for people belonging to other countries yet living in Pakistan, since the designers, as well as the famous western brands in Pakistan, have made the shopping experience of these people very easy and enjoyable.

Western Dresses for Women

There is a huge variety in this section too. Women, who usually follow Desi trends, but want to change their wardrobe for some time, should not be worried about anything!

There are a large number of western brands providing their services for people of Pakistan and in times like Corona, online western dresses shopping in Pakistan has been made even easier, with just one click!

So all the young ladies, and aunties, just sit back and relax! Because now the e-commerce industry has made the online shopping experience very easy and fun for you all.

There are very beautiful and gorgeous western dresses for women available in different stores in Pakistan and that too in very affordable price range, so people must avail this opportunity as it is always a good idea to fill the empty spaces of your cupboard with some:

  • Sparkling long gowns
  • Floral printed loose t-shirts
  • A cute and soft silk sleeping suit, and also why not a
  • Long beige-colored jacket, perfect for those December evenings and family gatherings!

Karachi- The Fashion Hub

Karachi is considered to be the fashion hub of Pakistan and there is a reason behind it. Large numbers of fashion designers and brands have first started their work from Karachi and since then, the industry has grown bigger and bigger with each passing day.

Western dresses in Karachi are widely purchased as well, despite the fact that the weather is usually hot and humid throughout the year! They are usually bought for various functions like:

  • Bridal shower
  • Baby shower
  • Engagement ceremonies
  • Bachelorette party
  • Graduation party, and any other such event

Huge varieties of beautiful and stunning western dresses in Karachi are available with an affordable price range in various stores and malls as well as on online shopping websites.

Fashion models and party lovers are usually seen following the trend of wearing party and western dresses and oh boy, they absolutely know how to carry a:

  • Dark black cropped pant with tea pink off-shoulder blouse, or a
  • Simple white bow shirt with high-waist jeans and long heels!

These people not only become the western fashion influencers, but they also know how to give a classy fashion statement to the entire world out there and it is something one should be very proud of.

Some Famous Names

When it comes to business, a lot of people and brands strive hard to be the best. Some of the famous names currently satisfying the western needs of Pakistani people are as follow:

  • Quiz
  • Mantra
  • Negative Apparel
  • Coral Doe
  • Break out
  • Vanilla Top
  • Outfitters
  • Levis, and much more

Even many brands, which were solely dealing with eastern dresses, have also launched their western products line up along with:

  • Accessories
  • Perfume, and
  • Makeup

Western Formal Dresses

With the emerging trends and fashion upgrades, there are a large number of young people who like to wear western formal dresses in the times of their:

  • Final year presentations

Young girls and boys follow these fashion trends and look so aesthetically beautiful that it gets hard to take your eyes off them! And that’s how western dresses and fashion has brought amazing fashion sense in the younger generation.

Girls are often seen wearing:

  • Navy blue plain formal shirt tucked in with a
  • Black colored sleek dress pant

And confidently present their slides, while giving the last presentation of their university life. Such formal western dressing not only brings confidence in their speech but also prepares them for their future endeavors.

Students get to know, how in foreign countries women are dressed up if they are in:

  • Business
  • Managing salons, restaurants or
  • Even getting ready for an official meeting

Similarly, boys look quite fashionable and sober while wearing a:

  • formal suit with a gorgeous pocket square or lapel pin

As it gives them a perfect prom night partner look and helps in enhancing their fashion skills!

Western Wedding Dresses

In Pakistan, people from different religions also reside and it is necessary for all to respect their beliefs and religious practices no matter what they are, until or unless they are not causing havoc in the country.

So, what if someone from the Christian community is getting married? Well, not only should people around them share their happiness but it would be certainly a pleasant idea, to help them in getting a perfect wedding dress!

Many fashion designers in Pakistan tend to work hard in making perfect western wedding dresses which consist of:

  • Long deep neck gowns with veils and gloves
  • Off-shoulder gown with mermaid tails
  • Detachable trails, and much more

Which are made by the following colors usually:

  • White
  • Ice-blue
  • Peach
  • Baby pink
  • Rose gold
  • Green and
  • Violet

White color is usually for the Christian bride; however, the bridesmaids can have any color they desire.

Western wedding dress designs vary from time to time and depends on the choice of:

  • Brides in-laws and
  • Close family members or
  • Relatives and friends

However, the usual preference is always a long dress covered with essential pearls and gems that can be easily noticed from a particularly large distance.

Pakistani brides

Some Pakistani brides also like to wear white on their main wedding or Nikkah day but usually, the colors they follow are:

  • Fuchsia Pink
  • Blood Red
  • Pistachio Green, and
  • The usual Gold or Silver

People’s Favorite!

When we talk about western wear, there are numerous cuts and figures that have always remained favourite among people, some of which are discussed below:

Sheath Dresses

  • Sheath wedding dresses and
  • Sheath summer wear

Are both from the famous category of western wear.

Ladies who fall under the age bracket of 30-50 usually prefer to wear them in hot summers, because of its perfect fit and shape it gives to the body. If someone is looking for western party wear dresses for girls, then also, this product line will facilitate the customers to its best!

Not only does it give a decent charismatic look but also a refined stylish glance to the entire personality of the lady!

Sheath dresses can also be comfortably worn at formal meetings and gatherings which are usually held in office hours from nine to five. They are perfect for working women. It is also advised that such a dress should be worn with:

  • High heels or soft black pumps, and
  • Corporate stylish blazer and also with a
  • A classic statement necklace, in order to give a perfect sassy look!

Western Casual Dresses

People of Pakistan, are often seen wearing western casual dresses in their daily routine and there is nothing more comfortable than wearing a:

  • Basic white t-shirt, with
  • Blue ripped jeans and a
  • Pair of flip flops

This kind of look is also most suitable when chilling around at a beach in Karachi.

Got something new for the cupboard?

After having so many unique ideas, it is quite evident that there would be now no difficulty in choosing a perfect western dress for a specific event that you desire to attend, and even if going to malls seem quite scary and hectic in times like Corona, online shopping websites have got you all covered.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get a hand on your favorite dress today!